Lisa Myers

Lisa is one of the founders of SEO-Chicks, she runs her own SEO & Social Agency, she speaks, she writes and has a funny laugh..More..

Julie Joyce

Julie, or “Me Julie” like Lisa calls her is co-founder of SEO-Chicks and a southern belle (also the only one that can get away with calling Lisa “cupcake”) She runs her own Link Building agency in North Caroline and sits in a rocking chair (they all do over there)  More..

Judith Lewis

Judith Lewis is obsessed about chocolate and will never speak at a conference without either bringing or talking about chocolate. She’s been in online marketing before it was even called that…..More..

Nichola Stott

Nichola is northern so don’t mess with her. She also runs her own SEO & Social Agency and have more balls than most men….More..

Annabel Hodges

Annabel is panda and SEO obsessed…actually there is a lot more to her than that…. More..

Anna Lewis

Our resident analytics “ninja”, Anna loves numbers and is a wiz with a spreadsheet. More..

Jackie Hole

Jackie is our travelling SEO, there isn’t many conferences she hasn’t been to. You will find her with a camera in one hand and a drink in the other More..

Hannah Smith

Hannah is our proper “LAAAANDAN” girl, awesome SEO with great ideas. More..