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SESLondon Day 2 KEYNOTE: Bryan Eisenberg – 21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites

ShareTweet Hashtag #SESKey Our speaker Bryan is on the SES Advisory Board and is a NYTimes bestselling author. We should be getting some great benchmark data and insider tips on driving real conversion improvements. We start with a quick lesson in conversion – bribery works! (Bryan is talking about incentives). First premise – “Your Website Sucks” Why? Average site conversion rate is 3% Which has remained static over the past 5 years, despite improve,entts in design, usability, technology, access etc. Why settle for 3% when… Some top 10 online retailers convert from 10 to 65% – what are they doing differently? 1. These sites communicate UVPs and UCPs (unique value propositions and unique conversion props). E.g. “Over 10 million orders [...]

SES London: PANEL – Meaningful SEO Metrics

ShareTweet Moderated by Jon Myers, this panel of experts will be looking at what constitutes ‘meaningful’ SEO metrics. We’re going beyond volume and position. Panellists: Jeff Ferguson, SES Advisory Board & Miles Bennett, Targetstone Limited and Brian Clifton, Author: Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. Jon starts by reminding us that search and SEO can be difficult to quantify and contains a lot of a times “obfuscating” (my paraphrase) terminology for outsiders. SEO is now at the forefront of every business marketing plan; so how do we take meaningful metrics to the board? Up first we have Jeff, who is looking primarily at how to make search metrics meaningful for board level execs. It’s important for us to get [...]

SES London: Search Analytics, Deep Dive

ShareTweet Brian Clifton is moderating this time and our panellists are John Marshall of marketMotive, Tami Dalley, Acronym Media and Neil Mason, Fovian applied insights. Brian’s a bit “phew!” from the last sesh so we’re pretty quick over to John. John starts off with his experience, which is actually his Netscape user analytics experience (at Netscape) that he is drawing on most here. At Clicktracks, built a web analytics tool as complete neophites. Quickly learned it goes like this… build massive tool, loads of data, spit out reports that nobody uses… History of WA – fits in two worlds, data mining vs web analytics. John could not understand why these two worlds did not seem to talk to each other.

SES London: Session 2. PANEL: From real-time Search to Dynamic Discovery

ShareTweet Line-up Change: Aaron Kahlow is moderating. Leaving Fischer, Scott and Walk as panellists. Aaron kahlow is defining reatime as live results, prescient information. Remember Twitter and FB are not the only, nor often the most important/useful source of realtime. 230MM pieces of UGC published every day. A 40BN dollar market. A lot is at stake in terms of who cracks this first. Thinking of the MSN Twitter deal, quickly countered with Google deal shows us that a lot of this is knee-jerk. It’s a struggle even for the big guys. Example: Remember Michael Jackson example. G shut down results as the volume search was thought to be a denial of service attack. Realtime search is cool. Normal search is [...]

SESLondon: Be Awesome! Ideas for Approaching Search Analytics Differently – Avinash Kaushik

ShareTweet Day 1 Keynote – #SESLondon I’m sat at the front of the auditorium, in the rather comfortable press row, with @jaamit. It’s nice not to have my laptop burn a hole in my lap as we have tables. Ooooh! Today’s keynote is from Avinash Kaushik @avinashkaushik, Google’s Analytics Evangelist and author of Web Analytics: An hour a Day. Introduced by Global VP of Incisive Media as a “true force of nature” Avinash jokes “it can only go downhill from here”. We’re starting by talking about the origins of the book. Avinash was surprised when asked to do it, that people would pay for information that is essentially free. However the books have been a great joy to produce (though [...]

SES London 2010: Liveblog Schedule

ShareTweet SES London is here again. Opening today (Online Marketing Summit day) and continuing through to Thursday 18th, this year looks set to be a really exciting one. In fact the sessions and line-ups are so varied, interesting and relevant I’ve had a very tough time working out which sessions to attend. Yes… like the NHS of the search industry (but with less beige and more blood) we’re going to be doing a little “public service blogging”. We’re also going to be doing a few video interviews with headline speakers. All, so that those of you who can’t make it, will be able to pretend that you did. Because we care,.. and possibly because I had a bit too much [...]