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SEO Chicks – Too Cool For School?

ShareTweet The accusation was levelled at the SEO Chicks recently that they had become semi-rock stars and had no time for chatting to people. As a person who often wears themselves out trying to meet people, and has had various parts of her body assaulted at these events while meeting people, I was quite distressed that anyone would think that of any of us chicks. At the last LondonSEO I spent time walking through extreme crowds, trying not to get my body touched in inappropriate ways while handing out chocolate. You’d be surprised what the poor thing gets subjected to on a regular basis. The chocolate lasted about an hour, part of which I was stationary for. I tried to [...]

Verizon Fios: Doing Twitter Right!

ShareTweet It seems like years ago now that I moved into my own apartment and started looking at cable and Internet options. In actuality it was only two months ago. When I discovered that Verizon Fios was available in my location, I automatically went online to activate an account and schedule an installation. I wanted the fastest Internet possible! The online activation was simple and easy to use. In about five minutes I put in my information and scheduled a date. One second later I got what I thought was a confirmation email. The email lacked any sort of number or code however. I called customer service to alert them about my order and their neglect on confirmation numbers. The [...]

Love is in the air…

ShareTweet The setting – Fiesole, Italy The characters – playing the fiery viking is LisaD and the swashbuckling hero Jon Myers The action – a romantic dinner, a romantic setting, a romance made in SEO. What could possibly come of something like this but LOOOOOOOOOVE! That’s right folks – the question was popped and LISA SAID YES! Our favourite Viking is getting married and I’m sure everyone wishes her well – I know all the SEO Chicks do! We love our Lisa! I’ll let her tell the whole story but I’m sure that London SMX just got extra special so make sure you’re in town for it! Jon is a wonderful person and Lisa is a special woman and I [...]

ChocBait V: The ChocBait Strikes Back

ShareTweet LondonSEO pissups are things everyone in the SEO community has come to look forward to. Not only are they a chance to see people you likely haven�t seen since the last conference you went to, it�s also a chance to indulge in free drink and help friends. For the last while, LondonSEO has also been the home to Sweedish Druid Chocolate � a yummy concoction of chocolaty goodness lightly dusted with cocoa powder. They are quite yummy and favoured by many� but not all. Regular readers know of my love of FINE CHOCOLATE (not an affiliate link but a gift registry-it’s a silly link) but I do not scorn those of lesser status. Indeed I embrace the Cadbury�s and [...]

How Do You Measure Impact? SEO Chicks Rock The e-Metrics Summit

ShareTweet Today and tomorrow in London at the Russell Square Hotel, the Marketing Optimization Summit is being held. In fact, tonight is a free drinks event called “Web Analytics Wednesdays” which ironically has not been on a Wednesday for a couple of meetings now. As anyone in digital knows, analytics are vital. Conferences about analytics are few and far between so it’s always good to get to the few there are. SEO Chicks have written about analytics before and we seem to have attracted a readership from among those gathered here. This year, my second year covering this conference as a journalist, I noticed some subtle changes that show just how much of an impact SEO Chicks have had. Page [...]

Blackberry Woman & Technology Awards an evening to remember

ShareTweet Earlier this year I was shortlisted for the Blackberry Woman in Technology Awards in the category Best Use of Technology by under 30 year old woman. Last night the award ceremony took place at the Mariott Hotel Grosenvor Square in London. Me and my junior SEO, Rebecca, got to the hotel early to get all dolled up like cinderella! We then went downstairs to the prestigious award ceremony. A few glasses of champagne and cheeky cigarettes later (not so classy!) we sat down for a 3 course meal. We were sat with a group of people from Blackberry (RIM) and Vodafone, and they were the loveliest people! Especially Harry Clark (Relationship Director Vodafone/RIM), he listened to my nervous babble [...]