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Interflora – When Spammy SEO Goes Bad

ShareTweet ***The views in this blog post are those of the author and do not represent those of any of the other SEO Chicks*** The story of the Interflora penalty is not one of link building gone wrong, nor is it one of a sudden and unexpected penalty. The story of Interflora is something experienced SEOs are going to reference for years as one sterling reason why aggressive link building strategies should be designed and executed by experienced search professionals, and how short-lived high profile brand penalties are. My father is a lawyer and he once told me a great many years ago “pigs get fatter – hogs get slaughtered”. I think it was in relation to something else I’m [...]

Why Google+ Fails to Blow my Skirt up

ShareTweet Of late it seems I can barely go a day without bad mouthing Google+ Not only does G+ fail to blow my skirt up, furthermore I rather enjoy poking fun at it and on occasion* being out and out nasty about it. *These ‘occasions’ are actually pretty frequent. Want to know what my problem is? Hold on to your skirts hats   Google are making you their bitch. Google are using a pretty common marketing tactic – engaging with influencers in order to gain traction.

Yes Virginia, There Is Negative SEO

ShareTweet I would dearly love to believe that so-called ‘negative SEO’ was not possible in this day and age of human editors, link checkers and auditors. Given my recent experience with a museum who were manually penalised, I can say ‘Negative SEO’ is alive, well and easily executed.   From thisseolife: Proving Negative SEO Works Is Like   It all started when a museum launched a longer-than-average exhibition. They gave this exhibition its own domain and featured blogs from the curators. This was a significant enterprise for them and they worked quite hard on promoting it. My company gave them some support so we had a relationship with them and started helping ensure they could be found but we were [...]

Google Instant – The Vision Of Mayer’s “Omnivorous” Search?

ShareTweet In December of 2009 I read an extremely interesting piece on the Telegraph website by Technology and Digital Media Correspondent, Emma Barnett. The piece was a write-up of insights into the future of search, from Google’s Marissa Mayer. It was the title of the article that hooked me into the piece. Marissa Mayer: An omnivorous Google is coming. As a search engine professional and former Yahoo! I do enjoy the juxtaposition of “Google” with any word that begins “omni” and the Orwellian tint to prophesy that it brings. Mayers’ insights include multi-lingual query translations on the fly, ring-fenced serving of social data according to user-to-object privacy settings and intuitive search. Barnett states “She [Mayer] wants Google to be capable [...]

Google Instant – What now

ShareTweet I spent quite a bit of time last night playing around with Google instant, and watching all the activity on Twitter. It’s always amusing to watch the “SEO is dead” brigade find a new drum to bang. But getting into the office this morning meant that actions had to start being taken, and my process is the same as it always is when Google launches something new, so I thought I would share it with you: Inform Your Clients While you may be well aware of what is happening, your clients won’t, and they won’t necessarily see the impact that a change like this could have for them. Let them know that they might see a drop in traffic, [...]

SEO Then and Now – The Evolution of Search

ShareTweet At SES Toronto I was one of three panellists talking about SEO from a decade ago to now.  I tackled the past while my fellow panellists tackled the present and future.  As always, I had so much more I wanted to say and thus this blog post. I asserted that nothing has changed and yet everything really has.  At its core, the math for calculating relevance remains very much the same but layer upon layer of sophistication has been added turning the Google ranking formula a complex creature which is likely an engineering feat of mad genius.  I feel that Google engineers are extremely intelligent in their ability to conceive of, and execute the calculations surrounding, ways and methods [...]