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Search is dead – long live search

ShareTweet As predictable as the seasons are the debates that come and go regarding search optimisation.  As pages of publications flip and fingers whirr over keyboards, the change in the wind heralds yet another round of bashing search – and those of us who work in the industry. Part of finding what we want on the World Wide Web involves a search of some sort.  We google on Google, ask on Ask, and search on Yahoo! & Live all the while attempting to uncover some piece of information, find that hidden gem. Yet as the web gets more and more complex, we find ourselves abandoning traditional search techniques to utilise the ‘wisdom of crowds’ – looking to social search and Yahoo! [...]

Time To Count Your PageRank Losses

ShareTweet It’s all over the blogosphere (a word that I hate but hey, it works here) that PageRank has decreased for many sites recently, possibly due to them being penalized for buying links. Google isn’t confirming the reason right now. Normally we try not to comment on items that have been commented upon endlessly, but I’ll make an exception here since a very sweet reader asked for my opinion and, when informed that I wasn’t planning to write about it since everyone else was doing so already, he said that he wasn’t planning on reading anyone else’s opinion. He wanted mine, so here you go…and thanks Gene. You’ve obviously received the bribery check. Here’s my crackpot theory: Google drops the [...]

Google on the grapevine…

ShareTweet I recently overheard (hence the reference to ‘grapevines’ in my title ;o) two interesting facts about how Google evaluates the legitimacy of a site. So – being a more of a marketing orientated person than an SEO one, I wanted to put the two out there and see if anyone can offer to shed a bit of light over the reliability of this info: Is it true that if Google sees more than 88 outbound list on a single domain, they are likely to consider it a ‘scraper’ site? Now, I presume that it would also depend on a combination of a few other factors – like the age of the domain… But can you confirm or deny the [...]

The Good, The Bad, and Yahoo!

ShareTweet Have you been sitting around, bored out of your mind and wondering what nefarious and mind-blowingly ridiculous things your favorite little search engines have been up to lately? Here’s a quick roundup in case you haven’t been paying attention to all the ethical aspects of our collective internet obsession… Yahoo! Yahoo recently claimed to have simply been obeying Chinese law when handing over personal details of Wang Xiaoning, a Chinese man who had been openly critical of the Chinese government. Wang Xiaoning was subsequently sentenced to ten years in prison. His horrific crime was promoting democracy through the use of an online forum. In response to this, and other incidents, Yahoo is being sued in a U.S. court for [...]

You Are What You Search

ShareTweet When I was a youngster, my grandma always said, or yelled rather, “you’re gonna turn into a damned grilled cheese sandwich!” because I ate them constantly. At first I had lovely visions of being all gooey and buttery but then I realized that Grandma was really just a forward thinker who first began to envision the notion of “You are what you search.” In my mind, at least. The problem is, you’re not. There’s a great article in the September 18, 2007 PC Magazine. And no I do not regularly read this periodical. It was pointed out to me. It’s entitled “You Are What You Search” just like this post! I can’t believe they have the nerve to copy [...]

Google Is Deathly Strong, Do Not Trust It!

ShareTweet There’s a fantastic short story about Google in the new Radar that has the following (only semi-unlikely) premise: Google kind of takes over the world. It’s being used to help the US Department of Homeland Security try and catch potential terrorists (searching anything and everything with which you’ve ever been associated online) and determining who’s a high risk by examining suspicious emails and performed searches. Like with racial profiling, if you met certain statistical criteria for something (such as, in this case, possible terrorist leanings), you’re thus subject to being Googlestalked. The only way around this is to get Googlecleaned, a process that “normalizes” your data. It’s a story that amuses me and kind of scares the bejaysus out [...]