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The Best Job In The World

ShareTweet It’s Wednesday night, and I’m sitting trying desperately to think of something to blog about. I considered doing something about the election & social media, but quickly realised that I am bored to tears by the election, so I’m assuming everyone else is too. That still leaves me with the question of what to blog about. Then it dawned on me, I’m spending my Wednesday night working, I’ve spent every night this week working in fact, and the weekend. This should, really, be a slightly depressing thought, I’m sure for most people it would be, but the fact is, it’s not. The reason it’s not, is that I love what I do, and (I’m sure I’m not alone in [...]

Threats: The New Way To Compete

ShareTweet Ever wanted to get rid of pesky competitors without having to get your hands dirty trying to figure out if they are or are not doing anything that violates Google’s guidelines? Now you can!! Why bother actually reporting them? That takes time, and you could be wrong. Don’t take that risk. Eliminate the competition using the following three safe methods: 1. The Friendly Email See a site ahead of you in the rankings? Well get a contact email and send something like the following… “Hi Bob. Just wanted to reach out and give you a friendly reminder to make sure that you know EXACTLY what your SEO company is doing. I’ve been reading a lot about how underhanded some [...]

Thou Shalt Not Suffer An SEO To Live

ShareTweet It’s Hallowe’en and by looking back, I see my blog posts take a religious bent at this time of the year.   Not that I’m at all religious!  My Seven Deadly Sins of SEO blog post probably dispels that notion.  Last year I asked if Google was becoming a modern day God – and a scary one at that.  No, I have nothing in here about killing SEOs  The title is just to grab your attention.  SRSLY – you should love your SEO. There are times when I have considered the possibility that sacrificing a goat to the Google god might be more effective than trying to do SEO.  After all, sometimes it seems so random. Why so I continue [...]

Emails, Link Requests, and the Death of Politeness

ShareTweet Why are people so freaking nasty? Seriously…WHY? “I’m not going down on my knees begging you to adore me Can’t you see it’s misery and torture for me?” Depeche Mode, Shake the Disease My link builders are truly lovely people. Well, most of them are. Anyway, they get abused like nobody’s bidness. I’ve reviewed every piece of correspondence that they’re involved with, too, and there’s just nothing there to cause someone to spew the venom that they do, based on getting a polite email. Yes, it may be unsolicited (hell, it’s no secret what we do!) but it’s still nice and really, if it bothers you that much to get an email, to the extent that you write back [...]

Geek It Real Good [Music]

ShareTweet (Sung to “Push it Real Good” by Salt ‘n’ Peppa) Ah, geek it Ah, geek it Oooh, Lisa baby Julie baby Oooh, Judith baby Donna baby Get up on this! Ow! baby! SEO Chicks are here! [now wait a minute, y'all This song ain't for everybody Only the geeky people So all you fly coders, get on out there and hack Hack, I said!] SEO Chicks here, and were in effect Want you to geek it, babe Codin’ by day then at night working up reports Cmon girls, lets go show the guys that we know How to become number one in the search engine results yo Now geek it Ah, geek it – geek it good Ah, geek [...]

Internet Marketer’s Give Back

ShareTweet Over the last year a small group of US based internet marketers formed a group called IM Charity, which is currently in the process of getting 5013c status (to become a non-profit). The group was formed so we could help use our talents for worthy causes. Currently, IM Charity helps to raise money for various charitable organizations through throwing fundraising events. In the future many of us will also donate time to non-profit organizations looking for a little help with their internet marketing strategy.  Last year, through varous party’s at US search conferences like SES San Jose, SES NY and Scary SEO we raised nearly $100,000. We’d like to start this year off on the right foot by throwing [...]