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deCabbit Chocolate Picks of the Season

A chocolaty variety of yumminess that decabbit has chosen from her favourite chocolate

Things That Will, And Things That Will Not, Change

ShareTweet I want to refer back to a post Julie wrote a couple of months ago about writing in SEO. I’ve struggled with this a lot recently, because sometimes it’s just torturous to come up with something new. I get to work at about eight-forty-five every morning and leave sometime before six, and I do SEO all day. Sometimes I do extra things when I get home too, but there is often just nothing noteworthy to say about it. I fix mashed up redirects. I figure out who should link to what from where. I do things that interest me, but do you really want me to write blog posts about the merits of dropping IIS servers off of cliffs? [...]

Optimisation Techniques for Christmas

ShareTweet It happens every year and yet we’re so often not prepared.  We’ve planned the content, organised how it will be executed and yet still we don’t seem to get it done in time.  Optimisation for Christmas always seems possible in January and impossible in November. Some obviously plan their optimisation well in advance, planning things out over the period of the year, ensuring various plans are executed at the most economic point in the annual cycle.  They have their strategy mostly mapped out, with some ‘wiggle room’ built in for last minute acquisitions at odd times in the cycle. Others stick to a rigid, time-optimised plan, executing to strict guidelines within certain geographic regions with a very specific target [...]

I’d Do Anything For SEO But I Won’t Do THAT

ShareTweet Yes, there are some things that even I won’t do. Unfortunately, I have lowered myself to using Meatloaf (the singer, not the food product) as inspiration so I’ll have to check that one off the list…Joe Strummer is turning over in his grave. In my line of work (link building), there are times when clients ask me to do some vaguely shifty things, as I’ve mentioned before. (Let me insert the disclaimer here of how I actually do warn the client about potential issues, before any of you start yelling at me about how I’m a moneygrubbing, unethical blight on the industry.) However, there honestly are some things that, when asked, even I will not do…the actuals aren’t important [...]

Lucky 7 Conference Tips

ShareTweet A few weeks back, I spoke at a small conference in Las Vegas for the Forex market called the Forex Affiliate Conference, which is run by the guys from the Casino Affiliate Conference. It was the smallest conference I ever spoke at (about 20 people) but it ended up being one of the most productive. I made some really great connections and was able to target my presentation to what information would be most useful for the attendees. From speaking there, I came up with some conference tips that are appropriate for any upcoming event you may be attending. Lucky 7 Conference Tips 1. Reserve judgment for the end. Just because a conference has 5,000 attendees doesn’t mean that you [...]

IM Charity Party – SES San Jose

ShareTweet For anyone who hasn’t heard via Twitter, Sphinn, or Facebook, the charity event of the year is going be held at SES San Jose on Monday August 18th. For a $40 donation to charity, you will get 4 hours of open bar with some of your favorite online marketers like Neil Patel, Michael Gray, Jim Boykin, Chris Winfield, me Lauren Vaccarello and Pat Sexton. The pre-registration for this event has already drawn a lot of attention, but there is still time register. Thanks to Surehits, Webuildpages, BOTW, and ACS SEO all proceeds for the event will go to either the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or the Children’s Hospital. Details: Where: Agenda Lounge – 399 S.1st street, San Jose, CA [...]