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Are Widgets Really Linkbuilding?

ShareTweet I had a conversation with one of the organic guys the other guy during which he proclaimed that if you build a kick-ass widget and placed it on a high-traffic site, it would go viral. Ah, bless… the innocence of youth. His assertion that this was a successful link building campaign led me to ponder whether you can call it link building if all you do is create an application and put a link to it on a high-traffic page. Could you simply create an application and release it into the wild with nothing more than best wishes and call it link building? I would argue that effort has to be made in any instance to call it work. [...]

The Deep Linking Clampdown…Oh, the Humanity!

ShareTweet *****Editor’s update: Rand has pointed out that I misread the bit about NPR. See below for amendment. ***** Did you ever think that you’d need permission in order to deep link to a site? And for those of you who don’t know, deep linking is the practice of linking to a page on a site other than the home page. It’s what we’re basically supposed to do, to have the most relevant links for our readers. Apparently this is wreaking absolute havoc with several online publications. The Dallas Morning News has claimed that this practice has contributed to their quick downward spiral into the bowels of hell by “violating copyrights, depriving them of ad dollars, redirecting traffic, and generally [...]

When is a Link a Paid Link?

ShareTweet The current and perennially hot topic of PAID LINKS has had me thinking since the summer about the nature of payment for a link and how all links might be paid links. I work in the media sector. As such, I get some freebies from the journalists or am sent things directlyfor review. I also go to drinks events, launches, conferences and otherevents as part of my job. It was at the Moo Summer party that I began to wonder – if I blog about this party and link to it, is that a paid link? YES and NO. YES it IS a paid link because with several thousands being spent on food and booze, any links were clearly [...]

Chocbait – Miserable Failure?

ShareTweet Chocolate makes me happy. It says so on my Moo cards and so I thought after seeing how much fun Chris Hooley seemed to have with drinkbait that I would shamelessly rip off errr� borrow that template and try and meet people by giving away chocolate. Drinkbait was a fantastic idea specifically drawn up by Chris to achieve a particular end. He bought �nips� (which I only know another connotation for so am clueless about what this has to do with drink) and went off getting pictured with various SEOs. I wasn�t drunk when I looked at the images and I thought were great but now (also sober) I can�t find them. “Drinkbait” was followed up by someone with [...]

How Not To Get Your Comment Approved

ShareTweet We have been getting a surge of comment spam that is obviously being done by very apologetic individuals. As a good Southerner, I appreciate the manners involved but let me list out a few things that won’t get you the links you want… Saying something like “I like site give me link!” This is definitely to the point. I appreciate that, seriously, but at least give me a reason! Liking a site isn’t a good enough reason for us to allow your comment through. And of course you like our site. It rocks. Join the fanclub (cough). Adding in a frowny face emoticon. While this always makes me laugh since it expresses the utter anguish of link building and [...]

Wedding or Not? SEO Chick and Evilgreenmonkey

ShareTweet Weddings weddings weddings…it’s all the London SEO crowd can think about now that my lovely Viking Lisa has apparently agreed to marry Rob Kerry IF, and it’s a big IF, the monkey can get a top rank in Google for the term ‘weddings.’ She obviously doesn’t know that I went out with him last night and will be seeing him again tonight though. I have always wanted to be a bridesmaid in Vegas. Anita wants to be the flower girl. This is big stuff for the SEO Chicks so please, digg and sphinn til these two are forced to let me buy a lovely silk dress with a matching parasol. Like I don’t have that already but still… You [...]