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What You Need To Know About Google Adwords’ Quality Score

ShareTweet When it comes to trying out random new keywords in paid advertising, be careful…you could inadvertently hurt your Google quality score and cause damage to your entire campaign. Then you’ll be wearing the same expression I was when I ordered what I thought would be a large(ish) chocolate dessert at PF Changs and it was about the size of a quarter. One that had been flattened on the railroad tracks. One that I had to SHARE with my best friend, a known chocoholic. ANYWAY… Google’s quality score is defined as follows: “Quality Score is the basis for measuring the quality and relevance of your ads and determining your minimum CPC bid for Google and the search network. This score [...]

How Do YOU Find Your Keywords These Days?

ShareTweet Yes, I know I should post a lot more often, but (without making too many excuses) I’m juggling a few too many things in the air at the moment, and days just keep slipping by… tut-tut! OK, now down to business. I wanted to touch on a few topics related to keyword list building in general. Actually I’m about to talk more towards the PPC end of things, and hopefully one of my fellow Chicks will churp in (see what I did there) for the SEO part if relevant. So I wanted to ask you – where do you find your precious keyword (kwd) “gold dust” these days? With all these new kwd tools coming out of the wood [...]

Long-Tailed Keywords (The Revenge of the Zebra-Striped Man Thong)

ShareTweet In case anyone out there is looking for someone to market their new line of “zebra-striped man thong” underwear, please contact me immediately since I now have experience ranking for this horrific item. However, if you need me to market the plural of the aforementioned item, that’s extra. SEO Chicks currently ranks 1 and 2 in Google for this phrase after a short post on negative keywords (and a comment from evilgreenmonkey.) This post was just written a few days ago…pretty fast results. I am also very, very pleased to report that there were only 314 results returned in Google (with 543 for the plural since of course you wouldn’t just want the ONE zebra-striped man thong would you? [...]

Pessimism Really Can Pay (Per Click)

ShareTweet Types of Matches in AdWords There are 4 types of matches that you can use in Google AdWords: Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, and Negative Keyword. I can tell you that from my own experience, I have (many times) simply set up ads without bothering to change my options (Broad Match is the default.) However, let me share a bit with you about how this kind of backfired on me. Another of My Tedious Examples I had a client who sold large equipment. They had a good PPC campaign, with lots of conversions on top keywords and their brand name. I had a meeting with them to talk about how we could improve the paid campaign–immediately, the client [...]

The Times article on eBays “boycott” of Google

ShareTweet I was reading an article in this Saturdays The Times with the headline “Google Power ‘less than thought’ as eBay start boycott’. The article starts of with “There was encouraging news for the growing army of Google haters yesterday when a leading internet advertising researcher suggested that the search engine stranglehold on online promotions was looser than he had expected” It goes on to explain how eBay sales did not have any significant drop in traffic after drastically removal of sponsored listings ads by eBay, and that 25% of eBay users comes through after searching for eBay and clicking through from Organic listing. Then they go onto concluding that “The data suggest that Google may be less powerful than [...]