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SEO 101 – Paid Links: To Buy or Not To Buy

ShareTweet Welcome to the latest installment in our SEO 101 series, where we attempt to weed out all the conjecture and give you a very basic understanding of the part of online marketing that we’re most comfortable with…mine being links. Lucky, lucky me. Now, the reason for my choice of paid vs. non-paid links as a subject for 101 is because I think that there’s a huge amount of misinformation about paid links out there, and, being public service-minded (not really), I view it as my goal to explain just what the fuss is all about. After all, if you’re starting to build links, you’re going to soon get into the whole paid vs non-paid debate, right? Note: We’ve written [...]

SEO 101 – You’ve got your keywords, now what?

ShareTweet This is the third of the SEO Chicks 101 series that Lisa introduced a couple of weeks ago with her delve into canonicalisation issues. The second post in the series was Nicholas look at data analysis This post was inspired by Lesley Cutts, owner of one of my favourite sites who posted what I thought was an interesting response to a statement I made on twitter. Now not to make you think I’m disorganised, but I had lost some notes I had made on a keyword strategy for a client (I found them in the end & all was well), and Lesley commented that she wouldn’t know where to begin writing down a keyword strategy, as it seemed [...]

SEO 101 Series – Data Analysis

ShareTweet This is the second in our new SEO 101 series. A series intended to be of most use to those new to the search industry, or perhaps a useful refresher on some of the more fundamental elements of our day-to-day work and the services we provide to clients. In this post I wanted to look at a fundamental skill for any search professional, and that is good data analysis. In future posts we will be looking at more task-specific analysis, such as keyword research; however this post outlines a handful of principles you can extrapolate to any situation. Firstly; (and to a certain extent this is personal preference), I would strongly urge that you do not rely on a [...]

SEO 101 Series – Canonicalisation Issues

ShareTweet This will be the first blogpost in our new “SEO 101 Series” where the SEO-Chicks will be going through some basic, and some more advanced search engine optimisation principles. I have decided to start with an area within technical SEO; “Canonicalisation”. One of the reasons I chose this subject is that for some reason this area always seems to be one of those areas of SEO that somehow gets forgotten, even when a company are doing SEO. It amazes me! In the last 9 months, since I’ve set up Verve Search, I have been doing more SEO evaluations than you can shake a stick at. And the most occurring problem I evaluate for a website is canonicalisation issues, and [...]