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SES London Conference & Party

ShareTweet Search Engine Strategies – Feb 2008 Wohoo I’m a speaker at Search Engine Strategies London this year , pretty cool, especially considering my first ever conference was SES London this time last year. SES London is on from 19th – 21st February at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. I’m on the panel “Search Term Research & Targeting” with amongst other Christine Churchill and Maxim Grandchamp If you are going to SES London, make sure you come and see me speak on Wednesday 20th Feb, 11:45-12:45, I’m going to be nervous as hell, so any support will be very much appreciated No heckling please, unless it’s “Lisa you rock”… LondonSEO party Thursday 21st Feb As usual the search [...]

New SEO Chick – Welcome Stephanie Weingart

ShareTweet All the SEO Chicks are feckin excited about welcoming Stephanie Weingart to the SEO Chicks blogger crew. Stephanie has been a regular reader of SEO Chicks for a while, she did a interview with “SEO Chick Julie” about a month ago on her blog Frozen2Late. I finally got to meet her in at the bar, ehm I mean WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas last week. After just 10 min talking to this chick I knew she was a perfect fit for the SEO Chicks, she has drive, attitude, intelligence and a big big smile. She is so super nice god damn it! So at PubCon itself we sat down talking about SEO Chicks stuff (hence the photo with all of [...]

The SEO Chicks Turn 3.5 Years Old In Dog Years!

ShareTweet OK so we’re celebrating our first 6 months of blogging with a quite lengthy (but typically fascinating) glimpse into the minds of the SEO Chicks. The photo is courtesy of my good friend Gene. He’s afraid the other girls will kill him so I am not linking to him here. It’s so hysterically bad that I had to put it up…it serves me right that I look the most idiotic, too. Anita, never again mention the Spice Girls!! Once I stop laughing I will continue being serious and professional, naturally. OK then, I’m good now. It’s our 6 month anniversary and naturally we wanted to commemorate the occasion with a post about this. We’ve all been completely thrilled by [...]

Lisa D Takes Home Pulitzer for Best Blog

ShareTweet Um, not really…but close! Since everyone’s favorite Norwegian is very modest, I thought I’d quickly write something to let you all know that Lisa won the B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year Award last night. Since I could go on and on and on about why she deserves it and why I love her so much, I will take this time to be concise and just say how proud the SEO Chicks are of our fearless leader. And don’t worry…I’ve told her that she owes us a post about it so hopefully we’ll all hear more soon. So Lisa, serious congratulations to you. We all knew you’d win!

New SEO Chicks Guest Blogger Series

ShareTweet Sorry for the non-witty title. I struggled with “The SEO Chicks Want More Girls” but that didn’t sound quite right… The SEO Chicks are proud to introduce a new guest blogger section because a) we’re tired of writing all the damn time and b) there are some insanely fantastic women that we know in this industry and we’d love to showcase them. We’ve all been as busy as a cat covering it up here on the blog, so it’s something we’re very excited about. We’re also really fond of some of the blogs that aren’t constantly on the radar, so look for a few guest bloggers that may have kept things quiet until now. We’re not quiet types, although [...]

SEO Chick and SEO Fangirl hits London town

ShareTweet Ylayn Ousley also known as SEO Fangirl messaged me last week through facebook and said she was coming over from Paris to London at the weekend. I’ve met Ylayn once before at SES London and love her humoristic blog about men of SEO, but I knew little about her as a person. We met in central London and literally didn’t stop talking from the minute we met….We went for dinner at a really nice Indian restaurant and literally talked SEO and online marketing for 3 hours straight. This girl has got a serious business head and more passion for online marketing than you can throw a stick at. And she is also delightfuly crazy =) It’s fantastic to meet [...]