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Are Friends Electric?

ShareTweet In case you happen to be thinking “how can Julie work a song by Gary Numan into a post?” here you go…the title is my favorite Gary Numan song (Gary rules! go watch his stuff on YouTube) and since I’ve been working over in London this week with some of the best people on the planet, I thought I’d address the topic of how easy it is to become insulated when you’re doing SEO. If you wanted to, you could make good money doing SEO without ever seeing another human being. You can learn enough to get started by reading blogs, posting to forums, and communicating with other SEOs via email, instant messenger systems, or phone calls. You can [...]

Feckin’ Women’s Knickers! Girls! and SEO

ShareTweet With a name like SEO Chicks, I think it’s obvious that we’re trying to capitalize on being female in this industry. As some people have said, we’re not baby chickens. Sure some of them are blonde, like Lisa, but still… Here are three reasons why I think that’s completely okay (to capitalize on the girl thing, not to be blonde like baby chickens)… 1. We happen to be biologically female and therefore entitled to use that however we want or need to, even if it means that people envision us having tickle fights in cheerleading outfits once the conferences are over. For the record, that has only happened twice. 2. We’re currently a minority in this industry, even if [...]

May the force be with me =)

ShareTweet I’m going for a long needed holiday tomorrow, back home to Norway, . I feel like I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for the last few weeks =) Time for some relaxing, my mothers cooking, my steph fathers hilarious rants after a glass of whiskey and of course as it is Norway – the land of the midnight sun, alot of daylight! Sweet! So I probably won’t be blogging much for the next week, but will be back all refreshed and ready to blog like a father mocker =) Ps: the photo was taken in a gadget shop in Seattle, we stayed in there for so long mocking around with the lightsabers I’m suprised we didn’t get [...]

New SEO Chick – Judith Lewis

ShareTweet A big welcome to Judith Lewis Judith is a SEO & SEM specialist who has been working in the online world since 1996 (bloody hell). She currently works for Centaur Communications Limited, as a Specialist Search Engine Marketer. Judith has been a speaker at several SEO/M conferences including Search Engine Marketing conference where she was the top rated speaker. This girl has attitude and knowledge, expect some great posts =) Oh, and yeah a lot of you will know Judith as deCabbit from the blogosphere