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Twitter Etiquette

ShareTweet In case you are living under a rock…. Twitter is just another one of those social platforms that you didn’t want to grow attached to but knew you would. It has become unavoidable at this point. If you don’t tweet, I bet at least five of your Facebook friends have synched up their Tweets to their status update. It’s gotten to the point where even my friends who aren’t within the internet marketing industry (all 5 of them) have a Twitter account, whether they know how to use it or not doesn’t really matter. I doubt they will sign up for Pownce and the whole point of any of these wastes of time are for them to exist for [...]

Oh My Christ, They Got Facebook

ShareTweet If there was one thing most semi-literate, half-awake people always liked about Facebook, it was the clean air and the tidy sidewalks. You knew that you could let your kids out after six and their bikes wouldn’t get stolen. The city council was pretty strict about how you couldn’t park your nasty, rotting car in the drive, and any graffiti was always dealt with in a timely manner. There were no closed buildings with boarded up windows and most people respected each other’s property, aside from the odd character-art wall post. Lately, Facebook has changed and I’m not willing the blame the Developers’ Platform and Applications entirely. Just this week, I went to write on a friend’s wall, and [...]

Meatballs, Sundaes, Social Marketing… and Seth?

ShareTweet Yep, just because I’m feeling a bit controversial today (yes that IS one hormonal privilege extended almost exclusively to us – the fairer sex), I’ve decided to pose a discussion question. Actually, my other reason is because the initial answer to the question is by none other than Mr Godin… so you see I just couldn’t resist. The Question: “Social Networking sites are incredibly popular – what are the benefits of this new medium, and is it set to continue to rise in popularity?” The Answer: “Social Networks – if you try to glue a brand on top of a social network, you get a meatball sundae. Once again, the networks make it easiest for those who actually have [...]

Mixxed-Up Mind

ShareTweet ����������������� Not another blog post about Mixx!! Haven’t we established that it is just a waste of time? That is what some well respected folks are saying. Yet people are still mixxing away, the numbers all around are going up slowly but surely. But it still has not killed Digg, like it was promised to do. But watch out… these new features are pretty intimidating! Today I logged into Mixx, and I had 4 new messages!! You now have the ability to send messages to fellow Mixxers, showing their user name and avatar, and the option to send to all. Even send a message to entire groups. You can opt-in and out of e-mail notifications, and conversation threads. I [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should STILL Be Using Facebook

ShareTweet Since writing a few blog posts about the benefits of using Facebook for marketing, I have been asked; “Well, how do you do it?” There are no secrets to using Facebook, unless you are running illegal scripts. Depending on the reasons and types of markets you might be dealing with on Facebook, it’s really quite simple to utilize the social network as a marketing tool. “Don’t hate on Facebook.” Give it a chance before you decide to curse it to hell as an annoying social site that is a waste of time. If you STILL aren’t using Facebook for yourself, you won’t be able to understand how to use it for anyone else. Create your “internet marketer” profile. I [...]

Twitter! I Don’t Even Know Her!

ShareTweet I just signed up on Twitter and boy are my arms tired. Wait…that isn’t right. OK I did just sign up on Twitter and even tweeted once but so far, I’m not feeling it. What on earth is the draw here? Am I missing something? I even asked young Steph to help enlighten me, since she’s hip on social media and I now view her as the voice of a generation that’s a generation younger than I am, damn her. I also read several articles about how to use Twitter to my advantage, but still…nothing is really clicking. Admittedly, I haven’t given it much time. I hated Facebook initially but now I am addicted. Twitter, however, just seems to [...]