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The Reincarnation of Apprenticeship

ShareTweet     One night, from the only punk rock bar in Las Vegas, I gave a horribly long rant to RateItAll’s Lawrence Coburn. It was my take on the industry. It is hard to find those words again as that was a conversation at 2AM and my brain was competing with the Bouncing Souls. The rant went on and on about popularity, branding, reputation management, and so on. Ever since this conversation, I have been thinking about this concept of SEO and Internet Marketing being something I think must be taught and discussed. Ultimately, the industry lies within conversation and apprenticeship. For my first article on the SEO-Chicks blog, I wanted to write about the importance of understanding this industry, [...]

SEO Chicks Changed My Life – Met Fan at BBC Backstage Party – Spotted Google & Yahoo Drinking TOGETHER!

ShareTweet When the SEO Chicks were sent the questionnaire by our lovely Julie about the last 6 months, and we were asked how it had changed our lives, at that point I hadn’t really noticed a difference. Enter PubCon and suddenly we had a fan (HI NATASHA!) asking us to sign her t-shirt (which we failed to do – SORRY!).  Others wiggled out of the woodwork and suddenly I realised that not only were more than 6 people reading the blog, they actually recognised the other chicks and me!  SEO Chicks changed my life (and not in a National Enquirer way) forever! So, on I move to the past weekend and the BBC Backstage Christmas Bash.  BBC Backstage is a [...]

Gambling, drink and SEO – it’s PubCon 2007

ShareTweet Ok so Julie and Judith have written roundups of PubCon already, but hey I thought I would do a “social” roundup, since I didn’t attend a single session This was my first pubcon and boy did it live up to the reputation. Gambling, drink and SEO – it can’t get any better!! Going through my Vegas photos on facebook I realised that a lot of people has untagged themselves in my photos, mwaaaaaa, you can’t untag this father mockers =) This will be the uncensored gallery of the piss-up that was Vegas PubCon (obviously with the exception of all the minging photos of me, ha!) Me and my Rob Kerry (evilgreenmonkey) arrived in Vegas on Tuesday 4th Dec. Not [...]

Branding Your Name

ShareTweet Many posts talk about branding…branding is an utterly fascinating avenue to consider when you’re marketing, whether online or offline, but it’s not as easy to do well as you might think. When we think of branding, we tend to think of branding a product, a service, or a company. We don’t necessarily consider branding our names, but we should. Consider this: no matter what you are a part of, you’re still an individual subject to searches for personal information. What turns up when someone searches for you is a matter of reputation management, but you really can actively control this for the most part with branding your name. Especially in the online marketing field, you need to be up [...]

New SEO Chick – Welcome Stephanie Weingart

ShareTweet All the SEO Chicks are feckin excited about welcoming Stephanie Weingart to the SEO Chicks blogger crew. Stephanie has been a regular reader of SEO Chicks for a while, she did a interview with “SEO Chick Julie” about a month ago on her blog Frozen2Late. I finally got to meet her in at the bar, ehm I mean WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas last week. After just 10 min talking to this chick I knew she was a perfect fit for the SEO Chicks, she has drive, attitude, intelligence and a big big smile. She is so super nice god damn it! So at PubCon itself we sat down talking about SEO Chicks stuff (hence the photo with all of [...]

PubCon Round Up – Sessions ‘n’ Stuff

ShareTweet Arriving as the only chick attending the PubCon sessions, I knew my task would be a daunting one.  With FIVE streams covering three days with a possible over 70 SESSIONS, there was no way I could be in more than one place at one time. Starting out with registration, I arrived early – as did hundreds of other people.  Lining up for over 40 minutes in order to get my badge, I almost missed the keynote with Craig Newmark.  Grabbing some pastries and a coffee, I dashed to the front of the lunch room only to realise the acoustics were so bad I couldn’t hear him anyway. I wandered off to Social Media Marketing 101 which I was thankful [...]