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What’s changed in the Matrix…ehm I mean Algos?

ShareTweet Whilst at SMX London last week I attended the session;“What’s new with the Algorithm?”,now, I had quite high expectations for this session as the panel included: Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Dave Naylor, Dixon Jones and my favourite Icelander Krisijan Mar Hauksson. Not so surprisingly this session was dominated by talking about the new Google PageRank and what is thought to be a change in the linking algorithms with regards to paid links. Not necessarily because the panel wanted to talk about it but the audience brought it up, again and again and again. Yawn… Now I love these guys on a panel together, it’s so entertaining, a weird mix between Scandinavian irony and Northern English sarcasm = comedy. But, saying [...]

SMX London – Conference Overview

ShareTweet Promoted as targeting beginner to advanced participants, Search Marketing Expo (SMX) London happened on November 15-16 2007 to a 300-person strong crowd.  Housed in the very nice Hilton London Metropole, SMX London was the first conference in the UK from the team of Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman since forming Third Door Media in 2006. Despite the large number of participants, SMX London 2007 retained the feel of a much smaller conference, enabling participants to meet and network with each other without being or feeling overwhelmed.  With breaks between every session, networking was quite high on the agenda and many businesses concluded valuable deals. As with all conferences, after-hours networking and information sharing was also central to SMX London [...]

4 Ways To Improve The SEO Chicks Blog

ShareTweet The SEO Chicks have been neutered! Wait, that’s not right. We’ve been tagged for a meme by none other than my fellow redheaded primate freak Rhea Drysdale. Our subject? 4 Ways To Improve This Blog. Short and sweet, just like Anita. It was hard to get the list down to just 4 ways but here you go…I do love a meme! 1. Get a damn SEO Chicks logo. We really are working on this, I assure you. A logo is a good thing to have. I don’t have any witty comments about a logo unfortunately. It’s nice on a t-shirt, business cards, and your header. Period. Chicks like us need a seriously high class logo to reflect our utmost [...]

The most poetic SPAM ever?

ShareTweet OK, I pondered on whether or not to post about this, but then the naughty side of me decided that this type of creativity should at least be mentioned – if not showcased… This morning when I opened my Inbox, I was greeted with one of the most poetic spam Subject lines I have ever come across: Aaah – they almost managed to make is sound romantic. I know, I know, some of you may be cringing right now, but you have to admit that this is creative at least. As a marketer, I am constantly noticing things that stand out – ‘purple cows’ – in the words of one of my favorite marketers – Seth Godin. So here [...]

Link Baiting Joke

ShareTweet I’m super busy doing the finishing touches (erm writing the entire thing) to my presentations for SMX London this week. So I haven’t got time to write a big post, BUT I came across this HILARIOUS term today (actually one of my clients sent it to me, thanks Gavin!). It would make such a great t-shirt. So here goes: What do you call a person that is really good at link baiting? Obviously the t-shirt is just to demonstrate, but if anyone is intrested in one I will add it to our SEO-Chicks t-shirt shop! I laughed my head off anyway, does that make me a mega geek? Thanks Gavin for the heads up, genius!

Imitate & Flatter – Copy & Infuriate

ShareTweet Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but copying your competitors entire site isn’t.  It may seem like they have what you need to rank well but rankings aren’t just about on page content anymore. Spying on the competition is easy with a plethora of free tools at our disposal.  While this will not help page rankings directly, it could help conversions when the best landing pages are selected for imitation.  The purpose in examining the competition is not to copy them exactly but to use the varied approaches they use as a launching point from where you can build your own site’s identity.  Imitating as well as innovating and building on that imitation to create something unique is key.  [...]