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SEO 101 Series – Data Analysis

ShareTweet This is the second in our new SEO 101 series. A series intended to be of most use to those new to the search industry, or perhaps a useful refresher on some of the more fundamental elements of our day-to-day work and the services we provide to clients. In this post I wanted to look at a fundamental skill for any search professional, and that is good data analysis. In future posts we will be looking at more task-specific analysis, such as keyword research; however this post outlines a handful of principles you can extrapolate to any situation. Firstly; (and to a certain extent this is personal preference), I would strongly urge that you do not rely on a [...]

SEO 101 Series – Canonicalisation Issues

ShareTweet This will be the first blogpost in our new “SEO 101 Series” where the SEO-Chicks will be going through some basic, and some more advanced search engine optimisation principles. I have decided to start with an area within technical SEO; “Canonicalisation”. One of the reasons I chose this subject is that for some reason this area always seems to be one of those areas of SEO that somehow gets forgotten, even when a company are doing SEO. It amazes me! In the last 9 months, since I’ve set up Verve Search, I have been doing more SEO evaluations than you can shake a stick at. And the most occurring problem I evaluate for a website is canonicalisation issues, and [...]

The Uncertainty Of Link Building

ShareTweet Alert! Nerd story!! I was taking a discrete mathematics class in college (insert snickering) and enjoying it immensely (louder snickering), as it all made such perfect sense to me that I thought I was destined for discrete math stardom. Our poor professor was so ready to retire, and so burned out, and so riddled with students who failed to understand why a scientific calculator wasn’t really needed for the class that he actually gave us a copy of the final exam. It contained one proof, and alongside this proof was the SOLUTION. He said something akin to “just memorize this and try to get it right next week please.” Having aced every other exam in the class, being a [...]

I’m an SEO Faker

ShareTweet Before you all start writing blog posts titled “Shock revelation of new SEO Chick” please let me explain. When I first started out in SEO, I remember looking at the blogs, the SEOmoz comments & the Sphinn submissions, thinking that I wanted to be just like the people I was seeing writing there. They were doing amazing things, achieving great results, and working on exciting client projects that required huge investment and brought in massive returns. These people had relationships with the heads of marketing for huge companies, and wielded their power and influence to do good. At the time I was an almost SEO, I was a sales person, an account manager first and foremost. Learning about SEO [...]

Thou Shalt Not Suffer An SEO To Live

ShareTweet It’s Hallowe’en and by looking back, I see my blog posts take a religious bent at this time of the year.   Not that I’m at all religious!  My Seven Deadly Sins of SEO blog post probably dispels that notion.  Last year I asked if Google was becoming a modern day God – and a scary one at that.  No, I have nothing in here about killing SEOs  The title is just to grab your attention.  SRSLY – you should love your SEO. There are times when I have considered the possibility that sacrificing a goat to the Google god might be more effective than trying to do SEO.  After all, sometimes it seems so random. Why so I continue [...]

When It Pays To Turn Down Business

ShareTweet Woohoooooooo! My first post for SEO Chicks and I am bricking it seriously excited and honestly a bit surprised. Not only am I not (by my own standards) a true SEO expert; but I never win anything. Actually that’s not entirely true. I did once, aged 7, win an ICI health and safety competition for best poster. Mine alerted the general public to the very real and grossly under-estimated risks of overloading an electrical socket with too many appliances. It carried the immortal caption “Leads to danger”.  (Check out that polyseme! You are NEVER too young for semantics.)  In retrospect it was clear that that Little-Miss-Sunshine-with-a-mullet was never going to be a vet. So… I’m not an SEO expert [...]