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An Open Letter To SEO Deniers

ShareTweet Dear SEO Deniers, It seems that there is not a week goes past when one of you doesn’t feel the need to post about what a crock of shit SEO is. I have to admire your tenacity in maintaining this point of view despite the growth and continued success of SEO. I’ve noticed, over many of these posts, that the majority of you are in fact web developers. It’s quite apparent that you feel SEO’s are stepping on your toes. The charges levelled at us are most often that there is nothing we do that shouldn’t be included in the development of a site. Some of the more aware deniers have conceded that website marketing is necessary (I’m glad [...]

Google Instant – The Vision Of Mayer’s “Omnivorous” Search?

ShareTweet In December of 2009 I read an extremely interesting piece on the Telegraph website by Technology and Digital Media Correspondent, Emma Barnett. The piece was a write-up of insights into the future of search, from Google’s Marissa Mayer. It was the title of the article that hooked me into the piece. Marissa Mayer: An omnivorous Google is coming. As a search engine professional and former Yahoo! I do enjoy the juxtaposition of “Google” with any word that begins “omni” and the Orwellian tint to prophesy that it brings. Mayers’ insights include multi-lingual query translations on the fly, ring-fenced serving of social data according to user-to-object privacy settings and intuitive search. Barnett states “She [Mayer] wants Google to be capable [...]

Google Instant – What now

ShareTweet I spent quite a bit of time last night playing around with Google instant, and watching all the activity on Twitter. It’s always amusing to watch the “SEO is dead” brigade find a new drum to bang. But getting into the office this morning meant that actions had to start being taken, and my process is the same as it always is when Google launches something new, so I thought I would share it with you: Inform Your Clients While you may be well aware of what is happening, your clients won’t, and they won’t necessarily see the impact that a change like this could have for them. Let them know that they might see a drop in traffic, [...]

Top 10 Favourite WordPress Plugins by a Pregnant Chick

ShareTweet It’s embaressing how long it has been since I posted on SEO-Chicks, it’s months, agh…I have kind of got an excuse, being 8 months pregnant at the moment, but then again the baby is not growing in my head is it. Although sometimes it feels like it, when I find my keys in the fridge, throw the rubbish in the sink and the plate in the rubbish, or forget what I was talking about half way through a new business pitch. Apparently it’s the hormones affecting your brain, great thanks, like looking like a waddling hippo isn’t bad enough my brain is the size of a shrimp. But as the guilt of not writing anything has finally taken hold [...]

Do You Want To Rank For Large Fish?

ShareTweet I was lucky enough to have coffee with Todd Mintz and his wife recently as they passed through town on their way to somewhere better, with air conditioning and less of a bloodhound smell. He said something that struck me…”I’ve only had one professional link building request.” I could be paraphrasing here, even if I am taking the liberty of using quotes, because my memory is fuzzy and it fits my damn blog post. Anyway, I started thinking about the link requests that I get… First of all, I’m annoyed by the link requests that reference my site in some way, then go on to explain why link building works and how to do it as if I am [...]

Knowing Why Is As Important As What

ShareTweet A thought occurred to me yesterday, that I just had to tweet, “One of the biggest causes of SEO mistakes is because people know what to do but not why they need to do it”. I had a load of great responses to this, but still felt like I needed to elaborate on it a little, so here goes. There are so many things that I see people recommending for SEO that are not relevant for the site they have been recommended for. Robots.txt files are the example that always springs to mind, it’s not uncommon to see someone state something along the lines of “your site has not robots.txt file and one should be added”. Why? If the site doesn’t [...]