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The Goth’s Guide To Link Building

ShareTweet I like to think of myself as a happy, sunny person but in reality, I’m really not…I am usually the first person to say “no, that won’t work” when someone has an idea. I expect all restaurants to be out of everything that I want to order and to offer me fennel stew. I think gas will increase to $95 a gallon this summer, and I always have a hat with me in case of rain. I think it’s always going to freaking rain even if the sky is a clear cobalt. I think these guys look like they’d be fun:   I was once a goth, but now I’m a boss, a lot like Richmond on the IT [...]

What To Do When Good Links Go Bad

ShareTweet In my years of working in SEO, I’ve seen a lot of weirdness. Some of that weirdness is related to links and link building. There was the time we discovered 50,000 links built overnight or the time a carefully plotted strategy was ruined by spammers and scrapers. But what do you do when good link building goes bad? There are a lot of reasons why good links go bad. I’m not talking about link farms harming your rankings (naughty) or anything like buying a link on a specific site known to search engines for selling links. I’m talking about when good links go bad. There are lots of good links from valuable sources that you can get and sometimes [...]

Linkbait Lessons from the Coalface

ShareTweet Hello there, I’m the newest chick. Should you care to you can read more about me here. Today I’d like to talk linkbait. There are plenty of blog posts out there about successful linkbait, but I think us SEOs have a tendency to keep our mistakes on the down low. The truth is we don’t always get it right and I think that actually there’s more to be learned from the projects that have gone awry than from the runaway successes. Before we get right into it, it’s probably worth giving some context – the linkbait projects that I work on are all to commercial sites. I’m typically after a combination of links from news outlets (either national or [...]

The Official SES London Networking Party

ShareTweet Next week Search Engine Strategies (SES) is in London, and seeing as 80% (actually it’s more like 70% but Julie is always in London in spirit) of the SEO Chicks are based in London quite a few of us are speaking and attending. Judith is speaking on day 1 and 2 on the subjects: “Introduction to SEO” and “SEO is dead, long live SEO” respectively. And I have two sessions on day 1 covering “Key Link building strategies” and “SEO means business”.  Nichola and Annabel will be attending and covering the event for and Hannah will be covering the conference here on SEO Chicks. So, if you see us around the conference centre, please make sure you say [...]

The WINNER(S) of the SEO Next Generation Competition are..

ShareTweet We have had some fabulous entries to the SEO Next Generation competition, it has taken us a while to read through them all and score each entry. There were some hilarious, thought provoking and truly original entries, and we would like to thank everyone that entered for their time and effort. Our white, grey and one slightly blackish hat goes off to you. THE WINNNERS Soooo, get to the point I hear you all say, who won? Well, that’s the thing, we couldn’t really agree on ONE winner so after much deliberation and one phone call to our friends at SES London (who VERY kindly gave us another FULL Conference pass to SES London) we hereby announce the JOINT [...]

Welcome Hannah Smith aka Hannah Bo Banna!

ShareTweet The SEO Chicks have big plans of expanding and actually regularly blogging in 2012 (yay) and have already welcommed Annabel Hodges to our team. After racking our brains for…well 2 seconds really (we knew who we wanted to approach really)..we decided to approach the querky, clever and generally awesome Hannah Smith to join our blogging team, and she said YES… I would officially like to welcome Hannah to the SEO Chicks team. We are so excited to have you on board! Follow Hannah Bo Banna on twitter. That’s an order. ps: I challenge anyone to find a different picture of Hannah anywhere on the internet…..I tried, there is NO other…Are you camera shy Hannah? Just you wait, embaressing photos [...]