Sweet Fancy Moses, The Comments!

So it’s that time of the month (shut up!) when I need to write something clever here but you know what? I’m out of clever today.

However, recently I’ve been having fantastic conversations with my link builders about ways to keep our job interesting, and we’ve been coming up with some insanely silly discovery ideas and search terms, none of which I will repeat because the best ones are offensive and would make us look highly unprofessional. Sometimes we are. I’ve also been really, really enjoying some of the truly poor comments that I see on sites and that led me down a nostalgic SEO-Chicks comment-path, which is here for your viewing pleasure…wow, we had some good ones!! 3,389 ones to be exact.

Here are my favorites.

“You are freaking weird!” by Rob Kerry, going by evilgreenmonkey back then, which Lisa once confused with a donkey so the poor man had to endure that for donkey’s years.

“Some men find that attractive Lisa – just ask the trainer at my gym *winks* *LAUGHS*” by Judith, the little scoundrel.

“ wish I commonly misspelled only 100 words.” by David LaFerney

I am lovely, aren’t I?”  by Patrick Sexton.

“ha ha I’m laughing so hard I might wee myself…how’s that for attractive?” from, you guessed it, Lisa Myers!!

“I don’t mind kicking you up your backside by the way…” (this may have been mine)

“That white cat reminds me of Steve Winwood for some reason.” again mine, and possibly the oddest one I can think of.

“Sometimes the same word is an entirely different product…

chips — crisps

fries — chips

There are many other examples.” from g1smd. Truly he’s a soothsayer.

“WHAT? Do I look like a girl that likes PINK? I also had a question whether we made SEO chicks t-shirts in pink, now why the fuck would we do that? The site is green, why would be have pink t-shirts. If you can’t figure out that I’m a girl and you need colour coding you need your eyes checked.” yeah, Lisa again there.

“Does the flash drive for women come with a hook to hang a dish-cloth on maybe?” Ciaran Norris. Yeah watch out Australia, he’s coming fer ya!

“Decent post.” from someone called Daz. (thanks for the accolades Daz!!!!)

“I love your site. They really look very nice. The articles provided are long enough to provide great content but not so long as to be totally engrossing, if you know what I mean…. ” from Kuvashan. Hey thanks!! We never wanted to be totally engrossing. Also not sure about what the “they look really nice” refers to but I am frowning at you.

“I would have your balls on a plate” from Lisa, again, sigh…

“I have a mother your age, and I can tell you for a fact that she would regard you as an old cranky pants.” Ah, Jane Copland!!! My lovely Kiwi bear!!

“I’m done with this conversation. I have a daughter your age, and I can tell you for a fact that she would not have the same mindset for any type of business. If she did, she knows she would also get a spanking,…. just like the one you and others need as well.”  from the “who could forget him??” master Doug Heil. For the record, he didn’t get the pleasure of spanking any of us.

“I’ve seriously Tronned myself into the tertiary level navigation. Not even John Rambo could find me…” from Nichola Stott.

““maybe Tamar Weinberg?”” from Tamar Weinberg, in an infinite loop of commentizing.

And to conclude let’s revisit that most epic of photographics, the one of us as Spice Girls.