SEO Chicks is 4 years – Dude looks like a lady!

Can you believe is 4 years at the end of May? We launched officially at the very first SMX Advanced in Seattle on June 2nd 2007, myself and Julie pranced around Seattle wearing our SEO-Chicks t-shirt proudly, with no perception or plan of what we were going to do next. All we wanted to do was have our “own place” where we could chat about search and it grew from there.

As we launched the blog at SMX Advanced we thought it would be appropriate for SMX to be the place where we announce our very first EVER male blogger on SEO Chicks. And the “honour” of being the first male SEO Chicks blogger goes to: Sam Murray. The lovely Sam (or shall I say Samantha) isn’t actually at all feminine so we had to give him some help to “doll up” (oh my god I laughed so much):

Samantha Murray

Although, Sam is not the first dude to be wearing an SEO Chicks t-shirt though, in fact, none other than Rand Fishkin was the first to “cross dress” as an SEO Chick back in 2007 when we first launched (Sorry Rand, I bet you thought this was all forgotten..)

Randine Fishkin

Thanks to the SMX crew, Sam will be covering the SMX London conference along with Nichola Stott . You can also follow Sam on twitter: @SamMurray

Happy birthday SEO Chicks!

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6 Responses to “SEO Chicks is 4 years – Dude looks like a lady!”

  1. V handsome. That does something special for me. Good job SEOchicks :)

  2. LOL It’s nice to see guys with an awesome sense of humor! Congratulations ladies!! Maybe you can add a music video with Karaoke of Dude looks like a lady! ;)

  3. [...] I am wearing the t-shirt with pride today, even though it is underneath my ‘normal’ sized shirt. I hope you like my coverage of SMX [...]

  4. Julie Joyce says:

    Why do all our (two) SEO Chick Boys (makes me think of Alan Partridge and his Bangkok Chick Boys) have facial hair? Is this a trend?

  5. Samantha says:

    I guess it helps us not get mistaken for actual chicks!

  6. Mags says:

    Congratulations, ladies and er.. boys…
    have to say, I really like Samahtha- she looks so cute!:)

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