SEO: The Next Generation – WIN SES London Tickets + Mentoring with the SEO Chicks

We have put together a truly galaxy class competition for all SEO cadets out there. Have you been in SEO LESS than 2 YEARS or WANT TO GET IN TO SEO? Then YOU are the next generation SEO, and WE would like to help you become the best SEO cadet that you can be.

The enterPRIZE:

1 FULL CONFERENCE pass to SES LONDON 2012 (21st-23rd February)
AND access to ClickZ Training Academy (Monday 20th February). Courtesy of the guys at SES Conference Series.

3 Months MENTORING with the SEO-Chicks!
YOU will have access to ALL of the SEO-Chicks to help you with any questions or guidance you need. You will also get to meet a bunch of us (Lisa, Nichola, Judith & Annabel) at one of the days of SES London to discuss your mentoring plan.

How to ENTER the competition:

Create a blogpost OR a video

Topic: A lot has happened in SEO in the past 10 years, what will happen in the next 10 years. Tell us what you think SEO will be like in 2022. The entry can be anything from a serious blogpost on SEO and its development to a fun futuristic view of SEO, or maybe an interview with yourself in the future. It’s up to you.

When you have made the entry all you do is tweet a link to your entry and include @SEOChicks + the hashtag #SEO2022 OR  you can simply leave a a comment on this blogpost with the URL to your entry!

What we are looking for: An entry that will make us think, laugh or make us say “yeah that’s it”.

Deadline: Monday 6th February. The SEO-Chicks will then review all the entries and announce the WINNER on Thursday 9th February.

Good Luck and “make it so No 1”!!!!

Note: you don’t need to be in the UK to enter the competition but the prize does NOT include hotel or travel to London (you will have to make your own way to the conference).The competition is limited to anyone that has been in SEO 2 years or less and you MUST be available to attend both the training day and the conference days (we basically don’t want the prize to go to waste). The competition is open to women AND MEN (we’re not sexist)!!

Edit 1/2/12: We have extended the deadline to Monday 6th February + extended the experience level to anyone that has been in SEO 2 years or LESS!

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20 Responses to “SEO: The Next Generation – WIN SES London Tickets + Mentoring with the SEO Chicks”

  1. Samantha says:

    Is this for chicks only? Not saying I’m not a chick, but I have a friend who interned with us, has worked less than a year in the field, and who might be interested in this.

  2. Lisa Myers says:

    Hi Samantha, ah good point. I didn’t specify, I have included an extra sentence at the end. The competition is of course open to BOTH women AND men. And yes get your friend to enter :)

  3. Iain says:

    Thinking about some ideas…good contest.

  4. Jawad Latif says:

    Great contest. I will surely participate. Good luck to me :)

  5. How we post our entry to you? I searched for @SEOChicks + the hashtag #SEO2022 on twitter that returned no results. How can i participate with my blog?

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  7. Sasha Jones says:

    Great! “What you think SEO will be like in 2022″? Were interested contest in terms of idea comunication

  8. Lisa Myers says:

    Hi Sandeep, to post your entry just tweet us @SEOChicks and make sure you include the hashtag #2022 Alternatively leave a comment on this blogpost with a link to your entry and we will check it out. Make sure you do it before this Friday (3rd Feb)!! Looking forward to see your entry.

  9. Yousaf says:

    I should take part in this!

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  12. gabs says:

    Might write a post just for fun ;)

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  14. Martijn Oud says:

    So here is my entry, I don’t have a blog to publish it on so I styled it as a whitepaper.

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  16. Sophie says: Not sure if i got the tweeting thing right – still learning on that one – so am putting a link on here too :-)

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