4 Ways To Improve The SEO Chicks Blog

The SEO Chicks have been neutered! Wait, that’s not right.

We’ve been tagged for a meme by none other than my fellow redheaded primate freak Rhea Drysdale. Our subject? 4 Ways To Improve This Blog. Short and sweet, just like Anita. It was hard to get the list down to just 4 ways but here you go…I do love a meme!

1. Get a damn SEO Chicks logo. We really are working on this, I assure you. A logo is a good thing to have. I don’t have any witty comments about a logo unfortunately. It’s nice on a t-shirt, business cards, and your header. Period. Chicks like us need a seriously high class logo to reflect our utmost dignity and grace and we just want to find the right one. (Cough)

2. Entice more users to comment. I’m not talking about the “hey you girls are cute!” comments either. Thanks for those though!! We’ve gone back and forth between allowing all readers to comment and allowing only registered users to comment. Regardless of what we do, we get the same people commenting. I’m not negating their importance certainly, and we all appreciate all of the regular readers who comment but I don’t think that we’re getting as much feedback as we’d like on many of our posts.

3. Make it easier for new users to find more good posts to read without having to really search for them. Michael Gray does a great job of this. A Top Posts section would be nice…it would also be nice if we simply listed other relevant posts that a user might like every time we write something.

4. Strip down to bra and panties and have an SEO Chicks tickle fight that’s photographed and proudly displayed online.

In the essence of memedom, I tag the following to write more about this subject…and hopefully some of them will provide us with more enlightening information than I have.

Evil Green Monkey (Lisa’s betrothed)
Danielle Winfield (who still owes me one from last time you little minx!)
Stephanie Weingart (one of my new best friends)
Matt Davies (who better be throwing in some musical references in his post)

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