Blog syndication network – BlogRush just launched.

The online marketing world is buzzing with giddy excitement. A few days ago a new blog syndication network was launched by one of the most respected marketers online – John Reese.

Now, I know some people will express extreme scepticism – this being a marketing venture – but if you can bare to read a little further, you may just get on board with a truly revolutionary way to drive free and relevant traffic to your blog.

So is a site that allows you to display a widget on your blog with links to other relevant blogs. The more you display the widget, the more ‘credits’ your blog gets. The more credits you have, the more often your blog link will be displayed on other people’s relevant blogs. The ‘cherry on the top’ is that you benefit from compounded exposure from people who sign up under your link – 10 tiers deep.

Now, personally, I haven’t seen any 10 tier benefit models out there yet, so that in itself is very exciting. But to round off the already very polished, professional looking site, we have two more awesome features. One allows you to block specific URLs that you don’t want to appear on your widget. And the other allows you to filter out specific content that you don’t want to appear on your site.

But if I’m not exactly doing a very good job of explaining this, here is the link to the video from John Reese (founder of BlogRush) – he’s very good at explaining the whole concept and how it will benefit your blog.

We decided to get on to that bandwagon and try this ourselves, so look at our right hand nav for a sample of what the widget looks like –>

I’d recommend you at least try it out and see if it works for you. It can potentially explode your blog traffic for free, and you can be a part of something significant, right from the beginning – which with a 10 tier deep benefit structure is a mega proposition! Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

As Lisa would say – once you’ve signed up and placed the widget on your site and monitor what’s the traffic you’re getting by analyzing your data? You have two places for stats – one is your Google Analytics, and the other is the actual BlogRush stats panel. You will soon realize if this is for you or not.

QUICK UPDATE: Julie’s just told me about this post on Search Engine Roundtable that talks about how you may be affected by the BlogRush widget if you also have AdSense on your site. Have a quick read to make sure you’re fully informed icon_surprised-2180677 )

Get Free Traffic with BlogRush, But Watch Out, Google AdSense Publishers >>

Also, if you want to see another example of what the BlogRush widget looks like and the type of items it displays, you can look at the one I have on

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