Cat Sick Anyone?

OK, this one ain’t that relevant to much on our site, but it’s Friday, and when I read this story, I couldn’t stop laughing – so that’s as appropriate as it will get for the start of the week end…

Brad Waller from went in search for quirky stories the other day, and I’m thinking he got plenty. That’s the wonderful thing about the online world… So he found this story:


Now, I know as well as the next person, that money talks, but I have always wondered how eBay manages to be the first to get its trademark protection from Google (who claims it can’t really impose one), and how do they get to bid on everything under the sun – including “cat sick”.

This is not a naff question BTW, I’m capable of figuring out they pay a lot so they’ve twisted a rubber arm or two… so please respond with specifics icon_surprised-6119663 )

Cat sick anyone? Head over to eBay…

Disclaimer: Not looking for controvercy here – just really interested in tactics ;o)

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