Check Me Baby One More Time *Ooh*

I’ve got that warm and fuzzy feeling that usually only my husband evokes. Something has me all hot and bothered. I’ve been playing with myself at – and of courseby “myself” I mean my websites. God you people have dirty minds! My husband is a programmer and he makes fantastically innovative bits of code. For goodness sake people! Minds in gutters….

What a fantastic tool! Why did someone not come up with this sooner Aaron, you are a god (possibly a Nordic one)! I can now solve a gazillion phone calls from friends who just need a little bit of advice by pointing them at this tool.

Please everyone with how to sites out there please add a link to this tool with your explanations about tags, duplicate content and the like. I believe that it might even help the new folk out there who want to hire an SEO firm check their own site so they know what is going on before they walk in to that meeting. Heck, it’s a great little quick and dirty check on any site!

This fantastic tool drills 1000 pages deep on your website checking for missing title tags, missing descriptions, duplicate tags, duplicate descriptions, www vs non-www issues that we all know and love, it check the index and home page just in case and checks that the proper error codes are being returned.

I fed it several URLs I have *too many*cough* and it flagged some issues I havent been bothered to fix errrrr. have been so busy I havent yet had the chance to fix. It even flagged up some duplicate title issues I didnt know about. It tells you exactly what the description or title that is duplicated is and which pages it appears on.

Fantastic! Go there, have a play, enjoy yourself, have some fun, mock your competitors and boogie – there needs to be more boogie in our lives.

Always remember the call of the cowboy –Meta tags? We dont need no stinkin meta tags!

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