ChocBait V: The ChocBait Strikes Back

LondonSEO pissups are things everyone in the SEO community has come to look forward to. Not only are they a chance to see people you likely haven�t seen since the last conference you went to, it�s also a chance to indulge in free drink and help friends.

For the last while, LondonSEO has also been the home to Sweedish Druid Chocolate � a yummy concoction of chocolaty goodness lightly dusted with cocoa powder. They are quite yummy and favoured by many� but not all.

Regular readers know of my love of FINE CHOCOLATE (not an affiliate link but a gift registry-it’s a silly link) but I do not scorn those of lesser status. Indeed I embrace the Cadbury�s and Masterfoods chocolates of the supermarket shelves. I gleefully indulge in whole nut chocolate and malteesers while dreaming of peanut M&M�s. Chocolate is a consuming passion for me

So, armed with boxes of �Heros� and �Celebrations�, I strong-armed my new work colleagues (nat vis as they are called here at i-level) and we ventured forth to the Ship Inn. This fun pub was hidden down an alley and yet was full with regulars and SEOs alike.

Immediately greeted with fellow SEO Chicks also proudly wearing the green SEO Chicks t-shirt I ventured up to the SEO bar to procure some wine to go with my chocolate. Having eaten only a small bag of nuts for lunch, the wine went straight to my head and foolishly I tried to joke with my fellow SEOs offering “chocolate for links”. Apparently at least one took me seriously. Come on people! When have *I* ever asked for a link? Please. Last time I drink before eating though.

The chocolates went well, finding an even wider audience than usual. It seems that I’ve found the “new hope” for chocbait… Heros and Celebrations! So onwards and perhaps after ad:tech there will be another LondonSEO event!

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