Drink For Charity!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink For Charity:

1. Drinking is fun, and since it is for charity, it is more than a networking opportunity, it is a write-off.

2.Chance to see your favorite male SEOs wear womens clothing

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3. You actually get to help choose what charity gets the money SO VOTE NOW AND VOTE OFTEN

4. This event is OPEN TO ANYONE! You dont need to be a rockstar or spend $1M with Google to get an invite.

5. Where else are you going to drink as much as you can for only $40 in NYC?

6. You get to hang out with me icon_wink-7673967 ( Okay so I cant count)

Actual Details

IM-NY is holding its semi-annual Charity Event, and thanks to some of the coolest guys I know, all proceeds go to charity. Which charity you ask? Well that is up to you, so get your vote on http://botw.org/helpcenter/sesny08_charity.aspx and decide who gets the cash.

This event is open to ANYONE! $40 gets you open bar and snacks from 8pm-midnight at the Black Finn NY. This will likely sell out, so if you are interested in coming, shoot me an e-mail (Lauren [at] lvlogic [dot] com) and Ill put you on the guest list just remember to bring your money. There will also be a raffle with some great prizes that Ill tell you about before the event gets closer.

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