Finding SEO Inspiration


To be successful with your SEO campaign, you need to see beyond the simplistic ABC’s of search – looking past the typical optimization rules to get inspired. Find inspiration outside of the (chiclet) box, and you’ll likely find ways to improve both rankings and conversions!

Quick “Outside The Chiclet Box” Sources of Inspiration:

  1. Help someone else. By giving ideas to another, you’ll be thinking outside of your own limited topic areas. That expansion of mind will not only help the other person, it will also help you apply similar ideas to your own campaign.
  2. Future-think. What would a site in your niche look like 50 years from now? What kinds of content might it have within it? Try to bring some of that future into the present. Get creative with content, whether textual or visual.
  3. Have a beer (or root beer). Find a group of creative folks in your area and meet up with them in your local tavern (or oxygen bar, or whatever watering hole works for you). Combine the party atmosphere with a group thinktank to help each other come up with off the wall ideas.

Those are just a few quickies that you can apply to your own inspirational wanderings. Nevertheless, even just one venture outside (the box) can produce an amazing array of ideas to stimulate your search rankings. Be bold; be adventurous; be boxless.

Inspiration = Creativity = Success

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