Guardians of the Galaxy Preview – Is Gamora An Homage to SEO Chicks?

Green for Gamora – green for SEO Chicks. I see a direct correlation to the ass-kicking female lead from Guardians of the Galaxy and all the SEO Chicks rolled into one. There’s the brains, the sass, the dexterity, the resourcefulness, the do and the green. It wasn’t clear from the clip if she would be able to increase the visibility of a site online however I get the sense she’d be able to do it by sheer force of will. Much like Lisa icon_wink-6316312-2306025

Gamora was still green after she was sprayed with orange goop on being taken to jail withoug the garish yellowing you might expect. Stylin’ the SEO Chicks look to the end. She’s part of a band which *seems* to be led by a raccoon. On her own she is feared and known far and wide – much like Lisa and Julie you might think. She’s pretty kick ass, killing guards and I think ripping one apart to get a device she was after. They didn’t show the gory parts in the 17min I saw.

But the 17 minutes did provide some other nuggets – Gamora is strong and independent and when it is suggested she use sex to achieve an end, she doesn’t just refuse – she gives the kind of withering look I imagine Julie could give anyone who crosses her icon_wink-6316312-2306025 Our SEO Chick in the flesh so to speak is the best traits of each of the SEO Chicks rolled into a killer on a galactic scale.

Is this movie awesome? Well, the 17min I saw in 3D demonstrated that 3D could be used to great effect to enhance a movie rather than be a gimmick. The clip of the prison scene was engaging and interesting and left me with a positive feeling towards seeing the full movie.

Will Guardians of the Galaxy teach you a new approach to SEO – possibly. The idea that a criminal can also be moral I am sure will strike a chord with some SEOs (but none of the SEO Chicks of course). That something you did for one reason can take on a life of its own and come to be something else is absolutely relevant. That someone who seems to be bad can actually be good will also have meaning.

Will you enjoy this film? Absolutely. Is this a bit silly? Sure but it is a bit of a break from me talking about SEO… sort of!

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