How Keyword matching is just a little like online dating

Wow…This is true privilege!!! Writing for SEO chicks……. thank you ladies. I am so excited about writing on here, and loving that Lisa actually found this post funny – serious leg slapping involved here and was there a snort……there may have been a little snort laugh, thank you lisa for pushing this forward. I hope that you chicks will ‘digg’ what I write. Recently I’ve been focusing on some of our PPC clients campaigns, and developed an analogy for keyword matching to share with clients and work colleagues. A far-fetched, if not a little warped, theory I know but hear me out……..

Exact Matching


Say you went on a dating site and wanted to find your exact match your Mr. Right and you could target the exact traffic in your ad you would no doubt find the men you were advertising for…..

If you surround your keywords in brackets for example, [tall Spanish man] your ad will only appear when a user searches for that exact phrase, in this order without any other terms in the query. For instance your ad will not be shown for Crazy tall Spanish man or tall Spanish woman. Exact match is the most targeted option. With this option you will not receive as many impressions, however you will likely gain the most targeted clicks – users searching for your exact keywords typically want precisely what you are advertising for.

With exact match you will get convertible quality traffic, and maybe just maybe find true amor.

Broad Match


This is for the less fussy dater – put in a specification of your type wants tall, dark, Spanish man, likes walks in the park and poetry and does not mind if a Tall, dark, too many bacon sarnies later, builder from Brixton replies.

This is the default option. If your ad group contained the keyword tall Spanish man , your ad would be eligible to appear when a user’s search query contained tall, spanish and man , in any order and possibly along with other terms. Your ad will also show for singular and plural forms as well as other variations. With this you will gain many impressions and many a curious fellow relying to your ad but not necessarily Mr. Right. This option definitely saves time and effort…… no long nights considering all variations of search terms that could trigger your ad…….ipso facto more time preening oneself for eventual conversion.

Phrase Match


Phrase match is for the lady looking for a particular man but is open to variations or suggestion….. still with me??…..

By entering your keywords in quotation marks, such as tall Spanish man your ad will appear when a user searches with the phrase tall Spanish man in this order and possibly with terms before or after the phrase. For example the ad could appear for one handed tall Spanish man but not for Spanish trousers for tall man. Phrase match is more targeted than broad match, but has the flexibility for slight variation that exact match does not.

Negative Keywords


This is a good way of deterring freaky types and time wasters men that wont convert- away from your ad….

If your keyword is tall Spanish man and you add the negative keyword -hairy your ad will not appear for hairy tall Spanish man. Negative keywords are especially useful if your account contains lots of broad-matched keywords. This will save you both embarrassment and money on hair removal cream!!!

To Conclude…. (phew)

To find true amor you need to determine what you want from your ad- do you want:

1. A high volume of traffic (interest from any man)

2. A substantial amount of quality traffic with possible conversions (Men who vary the requirements, but who might just be the one)

3. Guaranteed Conversions (THE ONE……….. Mr right)

Target right traffic = hot-spanish-man-4290158-7660572

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