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Perusing webmaster tools, as I am wont to do of a lunch hour, I noticed that seems to be giving us some links love. Now, as loved as the B2B marketing, advertising and design site I work for is, it does not tend to attract bookmarks. Imagine my joy on finding out that while they may not pass on much juice, there is love flowing from that piece of the Yahoo! pie.

While the thoughts started spinning through my mind about using all those accounts I had for some good (because I forgot my passwords errrr ya), I had to step back and think for a moment surely Google wont be passing along much juice from this link?

Whether Google passes juice on or not, as Ive said in other* articles*, link building is about traffic, not rankings. This method of linking also highlights title tags and how important they are. While the title bar cannot display the heart icon I see in one users bookmarks, on her page that link stands out among all others.

Back in the day, it was just title tags and a URL in your search results. As a search marketer you had to capture your audience in that small amount of text. Those are good times to keep in mind when optimising now think of and how you only have the title to hook and reel someone in.

How is working for you?

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