Local SEO events – because you’re worth it!

I do love going to conferences, but I must confess that the really valuable advice has been from attending “local” and FREE events with LondonSEO.

This Friday (3rd August) Im going to the LondonSEO by the Sea Party in Brighton. I first heard of LondonSEO after writing a blogpost about the “UK SEO community” on my other shamelessly outdated blog.The masterminds behind LondonSEO , are the lovely hunkaburninloves at PartyPoker; Mike Nott, Ecky and Evilgreendonkey.

LondonSEO organised their first event (ha ha Jay you look about 13 in that photo) way back in December 2005, and have been organising regular events (ehm…parties really) ever since. Now this is not only a plug for LondonSEO (cause I do love those guys) but also a reminder that networking doesnt need to be an expensive conference. If there isnt a local SEO group near you, why not set up your own? All you really need is a blog, a facebook group, maybe send out some emails…vola…Bobs your uncle!

Get out there, I promise you will have fun. Not only do you get to share your experiences and learn more, you are also likely to make some really cracking friends along the way!

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