New SEO Chick – Welcome Stephanie Weingart

All the SEO Chicks are feckin excited about welcoming Stephanie Weingart to the SEO Chicks blogger crew. Stephanie has been a regular reader of SEO Chicks for a while, she did a interview with “SEO Chick Julie” about a month ago on her blog Frozen2Late.

I finally got to meet her in at the bar, ehm I mean WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas last week. After just 10 min talking to this chick I knew she was a perfect fit for the SEO Chicks, she has drive, attitude, intelligence and a big big smile. She is so super nice god damn it! So at PubCon itself we sat down talking about SEO Chicks stuff (hence the photo with all of us sitting around the table) and decided that Stephanie would be a good recruit to the blog. So yesterday we proposed, ehm I mean asked if she would like to blog with us…AND she said yes. Hence this post! Doh I swear I’m still jet lagged from Vegas, or maybe even still intoxicated…


Anyway, BIG welcome to Stephanie, I’m sure all the readers are going to love her posts. It’s going to be fun!

Fasten your seatbelts, the SEO Chicks are taking off =)

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