New SEO Chicks Guest Blogger Series

Sorry for the non-witty title. I struggled with “The SEO Chicks Want More Girls” but that didn’t sound quite right…

The SEO Chicks are proud to introduce a new guest blogger section because a) we’re tired of writing all the damn time and b) there are some insanely fantastic women that we know in this industry and we’d love to showcase them. We’ve all been as busy as a cat covering it up here on the blog, so it’s something we’re very excited about.

We’re also really fond of some of the blogs that aren’t constantly on the radar, so look for a few guest bloggers that may have kept things quiet until now. We’re not quiet types, although I do pretend to be at times what with being Southern and carrying a parasol all the time, but we do recognize that much of the best perspective in this field comes from people who are marching to the beat of their own inner Clem Burke.

So we’ll keep you posted (ha!) on this new series and please feel free to make suggestions on which writers you’d like to see here. To qualify, these writers should be either 1) female or 2) happy to make public appearances wearing women’s clothes.

You can either just leave a comment on this post or email us at seochicks[at]

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