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I’m sitting in a cafe, its 4th of January 2008. Working from a cafe as the wireless connection in my office is not working. A little bit of a ironic start to the new year, an interactive department without internet access lol. But I’m not complaining as it gives me time to plan, ehm well when I say plan, I mean go out and spend money. I just spent �200 ($400) on a ASUS eee PC(bargain!). It�s tiny, and sooo cute. Like a hobbit PC, the only problem is that it has hobbit keyboard as well, which means that even my tiny thin fingers seems like giant hands and i keep on feckin typing the wrong thing in. But hey, I’m the Shires answer to Carry Bradshaw, sitting here in the cafe typing away looking out on the very busy shopping street of Kingston upon Shite, ehm I mean Kingston upon Thames.


Oh god I love gadgets =) The smaller the cuter, but before you ask, NO its not feckin Pink. I hate that, every flipping gadget targeted at women are pink. WTF? Pink is my cryptonite and I would be dead if you saw me wearing it. And imagine the pain I feel when going shopping for my 3 year old daughter, its all PIIIIIIIINK. Why oh why?

Anyway, back to my BLACK Asus eee PC, I know you are jealous Andrew icon_wink-9952141 This gorgeous little PC only has 512 RAM and a 2GB hardrive, run on Linux. Ok I see you flinching, but hear me out. It has wireless, built in web cam, open office (documents, spreadsheets and presentations), LCD screen and not bad speakers for a little diddy thing. But it also have slot for a memory card, 3 USB ports, display monitor output AND you can install Windows XP on it. But maybe most exciting is that it has a solid state hard drive (SSD), no booting up just 10 seconds and you�re in. SWEET! You can also get this baby with a 4GB hard drive, and upgrade the RAM quite easily. My boyfriend (Steve, yeah he has a name, he’s real! I am Cyber Bridget no more lol) bought the 4GB one as he’s an ultra geek and want to pimp it up like an old escort icon_wink-9952141

Ehm�.slight edit, I just changed my 2GB for a 4GB one, turns out I want a pimped up Escort as well icon_wink-9952141

This hobbit PC has received quite the cult following on the net and loads of eee forums have popped up for how to upgrade, hack and otherwise improve your gorgeous Asus eee.

And lastly how can you not love a PC with the cheesiest tagline EVER

Asus – Rock solid � heart touhing

You got to LOVE it =)

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