Samsung 1GB USB Flash Direct Music Player – A Review

So I got myself one of these small Samsung U3 music players that looks like a simple flash stick.� Small, cute, black, and complete with earphones, an earphone reel�and software, I thought this the perfect little music player.� To steal a phrase and mangle it, I�m not totally�lovin� it.

It is a cute player barely bigger than a standard USB stick.� The connector retracts into the player (breakage protection) and the small but slick display screen has easily read sections.� It was fun to explore and no manual is required as it is so intuitive.

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Getting my CDs on it proved a hurdle.� The provided software does not work and I had to beg use of husband�s program for his Creative Zen player.� I knew without the native software I probably could not use the �mood� functionality but wanted my music.� No worries � worked a charm.

Obscure Japanese animation music locked and loaded (BGC 2, Escaflone (all), Lodoss Wars (1,2,3) ), I tried to get the earphones in to my ears and had some trouble.� I have to admit I am more used to the soft earphones from my Sony Erikson phone so these hard sticks were more of a challenge.

Playing with the new toy, I explored all the different sections it offered and got the radio working both in the US and in the UK.� I found ways to change how I selected my music tracks and the settings for the stick to sleep and the like.

The battery lasted at least 10 hours though I believe Samsung says it should last for 15.� I was asleep for some of that playback time icon_wink-8875542 � The touch sensitive controls were too sensitive and I found myself moving around menus�needlessly.� Still, they aren’t buttons which is a huge plus.

You can record voice messages, get it to sleep after a period of time, preset radio stations, select music by album or artist or theme and lots more.� What I haven�t figured out how to do is stop the music without turning�the player�off.

I have lived with this and while I can lock it, the buttons make �beep� noises when it is in my pocket for a minute until it sleeps.� I can�t hook it on anywhere so can�t take it to the gym.� The USB connector keeps popping out.� The flashing blue light is a bit distracting.� But hey � it�s small and cute!

Overall it has many positives and negatives.� A big plus is the cuteness factor � I�m overlooking a lot because of it.� Maybe I’ll buy those Swarovski earphones.� But in summary, would I use it?� Every day – it�lives in my handbag!

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