SEO Chick Goes Out With 4 Male Escorts

On Tuesday night, after a really fantastic SMX conference and before an equally fantastic SEOMoz party, I went to see Midnight Movies, a band that I’d never heard of. They opened for The Raveonettes, one of my current favorites. If you haven’t heard of these bands, check them out online because they put on the most amazing show I’ve seen. If you like girl drummers, especially really good-looking ones, you missed an amazing show.

Since this isn’t a “Julie loves music and is so hip it’s sad” blog, I really will make a point. The whole show made me really think about links. That is, when I was not stuffing down molten chocolate cake and swilling red wine.

Hopefully everyone understands the power of a well-placed link, but usually I think about links as a way to give credence to another site, simply because that has been my main use for them with the clients I have worked with. However, I really thought about the traffic potential last night when I was listening to this amazing opening act and wondering how I could help get people to hear them. I had no idea they existed until last night and I have the potential to send traffic to their site simply by placing a link in a blog.

Naturally that means you all should CLICK ON THE DAMN LINK and check them out.

Many people have said how tedious they find the art of link building, and I certainly am not a big fan of spending time doing it but it really is an amazingly quick way to get traffic for a site. I don’t care if the band’s site is good, or if it’s optimized at all or if I can find it by searching for something like “best indie bands from the US” because I can create a portal to it and get users there, with a lovely and lowly little link which I hope to God you’re going to click on because I don’t know if you have seen my SEO Chicks Viking counterpart around at the conference but if you have, I think you know that she isn’t really someone to mess with and even though she blew off the concert and left me with the very charming group of Ciaran, Ekky, EvilGreenMonkey, and Jay, I still love her.

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