SEO-Chicks has a new brother?

Well, yesterday I mentioned to Julie, that it was incredibly endearing that since SEO-Chicks was launched we’ve received great amount of support from the male contingent of the SEM camp. And really, the majority of SEO-Blokes are genuinely proud to have more women on board. May I suggest that, that’s for some obvious reasons, but also because they see the value of having the opinion and contribution from the ‘fairer sex’.

So – we wanted to say a big thank you for all the support guys!

And it’s just in time, because as you may have noticed a few lines ago I managed to ‘slip in’ a mention of the blokes new blog icon_surprised-8937994 ) – haha!

So is born!

We’re not known for saying ‘no’ to a little friendly competition – so good one guys… but a tip to the evilgreen one – maybe 4am posting stints are not such a good idea. Try a lot of alcohol the next time rather (wink wink)…

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