SEO – Where Does It End?

When I write about SEO, or when I perform it, it is often broken up into a set of discreet tasks. SEO is this, SEO is that, SEO is the other. Yadda yadda yadda. But what I’ve always believed, and what I still believe, is that SEO is a constant continuum along which certain signposts may be set.

Social media is the darling child of the moment with businesses hot to try this new medium. Social media, we are told, is all about engagement. I have always said that creating passionate advocates works offline as well as online and social media is not a cure all. It certainly hooks in to SEO though.

Paid search is one of the best tactical tools available to the online marketer these days. In fact, paid search can also be an offline marketers best friend delivering targeted messages in response to OOH marketing campaigns with unique calls too action. This also hooks in with SEO, with optimisation essential for driving costs down.

Link building, content development, site architecture, engagement, PR, and even to a certain degree email marketing has started to have an SEO eye cast over it to ensure where it is being used to convey a message, the right words, links and language is used (especially since these emails are often posted to the web later).

There seems too be no area of online marketing that is not made better in some way by the touch of an SEO.

Unless you can think of any…? Answers in the comments! icon_biggrin-9943860

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