SeoQuake – my favourite SEO tool

Now if you don’t already have this tool, this could make your life a WHOLE lot easier. Well your SEO life anyway, it doesn’t actually help you get a boyfriend or anything like that. Now that would be a great tool? Boyfriend toolbar..

The SeoQuake tool was originally a Mozilla Firefox extension, but they have recently added a Internet Explorer version. Although I would highly recommend you start using Firefox if you are not already using it. Much better, cooler plugins and not to mention so much safer browsing. Ok now this wasn’t meant to be a blogpost about Firefox =)

Anyway, back to SeoQuake. This tool is awesome, it allows you to view a large number of SEO parameters in one go. You get a toolbar that shows you the following parameters of the website you are currently viewing:

– Number of Indexed pages in Google – Incoming links to URL (based on Yahoo) – Incoming links to the domain (based on Yahoo) – Alexa rank – Age of domain – Delicious Index – Whois – Source – Internal and External Links

– Keyword density (plus keyword cloud)

plus you can install other parameters such as dmoz info, Technorati index etc etc

Sounds sweet?
Go to find out more about SeoQuake OR to Install SeoQuake

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