SES London 2011 | Killer Facebook Marketing

Moderated by Lisa Buyer, we have Massimo Burgio and Liana (Li) Evans

Li is up first to talk mainly about organic marketing and also some FB ad tips.

First thing to remember is that FB is difficult to work with unless you’re already connected to something – it is not a search engine. Most important thing is to know if your audience is there.

Is the audience lurking but not engaging? If so then perhaps FB ads are more appropriate.

Stickiness – games are great for this, and can be addicting.

Twitter – 200MM accounts only 20% are active, whereas FB has 500MM active accounts.

Contests can engage people e.g. SES Conf fan page, marketing tip of the week, with the prize being a book from the conference speakers.

Talking to the person, the fan works to let them know they are valuable (including bespoke content for fans).

Valuable applications e.g. the TripAdvisor app has almost half a million users.

Cross promoting from platform and brand.

Don’t do anything that isn’t valuable to the user. Valuable applications connect and also distract.

Badges (very popular with women), might seem annoying but people actually like them.

Quizzes – even the silliest are out there and prove popular.

Even profile pictures (and changing them frequently) can distract.

Use tagging wisely to benefit from the additional audience of tagged page. Li shows the NFL page and shows a post with refeence to two players, but didn’t tag them or their teams – which could have given exposure to the page to an audience of millions.

FB Ads

Extremely powerful targetting capabilities, however ad burnout happens very quickly. You have to stand-out.

Don’t blend with FB colours, use faces, high colour saturation.

Landing pages are still important.

In Summary

  • FB marketing does take a lot of time and resouce.
  • Needs to be integrated (e.g. use email to inform people as to what is going on on the FB page)
  • Set goals and measure.
  • People get bored.

Massimo Burgio

Massimo is going to talk about FB marketing tips that will get you killed.

It’s very common to get FB accounts disabled so don’t worry about pushing the boundaries. The FB police (or spam team) do exist and will figure out inconsistencies and shut down accounts or your clients accounts.

We’re shown a seriously funny video on FB etiquette which if you haven’t seen, then you should check out.

How to get your account disabled.

  • Not being human/using a fake name
  • Using a personal account instead of a page (for a company or brand/organisation)
  • Posting copyrighted material
  • Importing too many RSS feeds
  • Promoting business on walls
  • Scraping FB
  • Getting reported as “abusive” by other users
  • Starting hate groups/obscene groups
  • Adding too many friends as once
  • Joining too many groups


  • Don’t post identical messages on multiple walls
  • Don’t place refused ads multiple times
  • Adult content


Digital signature

Bad content – online forever/indexed by search engines

Get a social media policy!

Massimo shows a list of excellent corporate social media policies as well as some cool single line e.g. Zappos “don’t be stupid”.

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