Win SES London tickets with your Christmas Crap

SES London is just around the corner (22-24th February), and as official, associated sponsors; the SEO Chicks have a little Christmas love for you. And no greater love can an SEO have to give, than a free conference pass to one of the hottest search events of the year. Yeah,.. that’s right. I said “hottest” and “search event” together, (and that’s before we get to the party that Nichola Stott and Joanna Butler are organising – supported by SES. More to follow on party details later)

Now; we Chicks don’t just give our goodies away. Oh-no! You have to work for them.  So we thought it would be great to put on a little festive competition to give YOU the chance to win this fabulous SES Conference Pass!

Here’s the deal; have you ever received a crap Christmas gift? Of course you have! You remember the reindeer jumper from Aunt Edna? Daddy Day Care  on VHS, or the funny present from your brother that just wasn’t funny? (I once recieved a packet of crackerbread for christmas, it was wrapped and everything. I mean, really? WTF?). And have you every thought; “man I wish this was a ticket to SES instead”? Ok so maybe not that thought exactly, BUT the idea is you finally get to exchange your #crap for #win. Tweet us a pic of your crappest gift, in exchange for a ticket to SES London (2011) – and it’s a full conference pass (worth £1195 none the less).

Here’s an infographic, because it don’t mean shit till you see the infographic right?


Into this:

Here’s the deal:

1. Take a picture of your crappest christmas gift (preferably also with your lovely “mug” in the pic).
2. Tweet the photo along with the hashtag #SEScrapmas

We will then select the top 3 crappiest Christmas gifts and let our readers vote for the ultimate crappiest one and the lucky winner will then be able to exchange his/hers crappy gift for a shiny ticket to SES London!

The final 3 photos will be chosen and published on Wednesday 12th January and the winner crowned Friday 14th Jan 2011. Happy crappy christmas recieving..ehm that don’t even make sense….you get the drift.

ps: You can of course enter even though you don’t live in the UK but the price is for the conference ticket only, not hotel and flights, just so that’s covered.

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