The 7 Things That I Hope Will Happen at IM Spring Break

Yes, Aly’s post was what I “think” will happen but it’s funnier this way.

1.A few dorks that have no far never seen actual female SEOs in the flesh will become horribly drunk thanks to the open bar on the first night, act in an extremely embarrassing fashion, and tell everyone how cool it is that girls can do this job too. There may also be some attempted drunken fondling, and asses will be kicked.

2.There will be some dirty dancing going on with a redhead, a blonde, and a Rob Kerryesque young guy with connections at Sphinn. None of the three will remember it the next day, but photographic proof will, sadly, exist.

3.At least ten people will ask Chris Winfield where Danielle is, as they enjoy drinking tequila with her.

4.Some people will take the “Spring Break” theme a bit too far, take off their clothes, scarf down loads of waffles, and possibly be placed under arrest.

5.Attempted shark attack, unsuccessful of course but I love shark attacks.

6.Some jerk SEO (insert your favorite asshole here) will get his butt whooped by a tiny young local punk rock girl and will be really, really embarrassed at having to explain why his nose is broken and he has “Tool” written on his forehead in permanent marker. Yes, I assume this person is male.

7.Aly will fend off three days of advances from CSI Miami’s David Caruso, only to give him my number in time for me to ask my husband to leave town for a few weeks.

I’m way too scared to tag anyone after the last round of “7 Random Things”…good luck Aly!

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