THE DazzlinDonna an SEO Chicklet =)

I’m so excited to announce Donna Fontenot aka DazzlinDonna as a guest blogger here on SEO Chicks. She is officially an SEO Chicklet. After minor stalking from me and Julie =) Donna has agreed to contribute to SEO Chicks. Now, how cool is that?!!??


I’m going to get a bit soppy here and tell you just how big of a deal this is, for me and the other chicks. Donna is one of the pioneers of this industry, and although she probably doesn’t realise this, one of the reasons I became passionate about this industry. She has the technical knowledge to roundhouse kick any smart arse SEO dude and the humour to get away with it icon_smile-8653193 And she is such a damn nice person. Ehm yeah I know, I am her stalker….The first blogs I followed in the SEO world, was Donna’s SEO Scoop blog and SEOmoz, and I read it religiously, so it goes without saying I’m super excited that THE DazzlinDonna will be guest blogging here, right here…wohoo!

Donna will be posting her first post in the next few days, so watch this space!

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