The New SEO Chicks interviewed on Searchcowboys

Last night myself and Bas van den Beld from Searchcowboys interviewed the two new SEO-Chicks; Nichola and Sarah. It was an informal interview about the SEO blogging competition itself, about both the new bloggers and their views on amongst other things; why they entered the competition, their view of blogging and what they think SEO Chicks is all about.

I really enjoyed the chat and want to say thank you to Bas for interviewing our new “chicks”, what a great way of introducing them and getting to know them a little better.

To listen to the SEO Chicks interview click here

Disclaimer: it must be warned that more than one of the three seo chicks had a glass of wine in their hand during the interview, any glugging noises and hysterical laugher must be blamed on the Pinot icon_smile-9947244

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