Totally awake in Seattle!

So far Seattle rocks, the weather is fantastic, the people are super friendly and it’s plenty of stuff to see.

Arrived in Seattle yesterday evening, 9 hours flight, no sleep but super excited, myself, Ciaran, Ecky and Rob Kerry were on the same flight, so loads of chats and “high fives”. Every time the flight attendant announced anything we all did high fives, very funny for us BUT probably quiet annoying for everyone else, we were like children (no sleeping does make you a little hysterical).

Got to the hotel, which is just lush, and I was strictly told by Ecky that there is no sleeping allowed before midnight (as the jet-lag would just get worse). And seeing as I’m a newbie at travelling abroad for conferences I just listened, little did I know how stupidly drunk and silly you get on a jet-lagged head. It was very amusing though, as non of us were making any sense. SEO Chick, Julie Joyce and her hubby, Jay Young, finally arrived at the hotel just before midnight (as their flight was delayed by 9 hours, suddenly our jet-lag didn’t seem that bad). Poor guys had to make sense of 4 drunk English(ish) people..and they were totally sober =)

Got a good nights sleep though, Ekcys strict rules about no sleep totally worked as I felt great this morning. Byegones Jet Lag! Sweet! So today we have been shopping like mad, it turns out that Ciaran is the best shopping buddy every. He’s practically a girl =) Spent a ridiculous of time in Urban Outfitters, came out and said to Rob: “don’t let me go into another shop”, 1 min later Ciaran comes out of the shop and says “just don’t let me go into another shop”…ha ha…

Tonight we are going to the SMX Networking Bash (sponsored by MSN), should be great. Looking forward to it =) I’ll be sure to take loads of photos and post them tomorrow! So check back tomorrow for the party gossip.

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