Welcome to the SEO Chicks Jackie Hole

The SEO Chicks have got an exciting addition; the lovely Jackie Hole! In fact, we don’t really know why she wasn’t already an SEO Chick from before. How did that happen, she sure “feels” like one of us.

viking-227x300-8524773If you have been to any conference the past 2 years you MUST have seen Jackie, she has basically been to pretty much every conference in Search for the past couple of years. A travelling SEO if you will. I believe the Icelandic have adopted her after several RIMC conferences, she must be an honorary Viking  by now (surely). See pic to left. Jackie runs her own SEO & PPC consulting business and has over 8 years experience in search, working for several agencies in the UK. As most SEOs she had a “former life” where she was a chef and a musician, naturally ending up in search via the passion to figure out what the heck the search engines are up to. Jackie is also a State of Search blogger and editor and a very good writer. Hence we convinced her to join the SEO Chicks, by twisting her arm, shoulder and anything else needing twisting. She obliged happily which in itself is a testament to her insanity, which we like.

Jackie, welcome to the SEO Chicks! If you are not already following Jackie on Twitter and Google +, please do so. Hmm, that sounds a bit like a threat.