When Chocolate Lost Its Universal Search Result

It was a dark and stormy night. Somewhere in Pakistan, a turmoil was brewing. These search results must be stopped! They are offensive! BAN YOUTUBE NOW!

Sensing urgency, the various responsible parties requested an urgent and immediate ban on YouTube redirecting all requests to a holding page. Job done, they went back to whatever other important things they were doing.

Winging its way across the internet, the ban request was taken up as urgent on a Sunday. At an odd hour of the day. Coherence was not necessarily present but urgency was understood. The ban spread.

Time marched on (as it does). Chocolate and other terms previously graced with universal search results lost them. No more YouTube meant no video results. Sadness was spreading across the world.

The ban spread and people with nothing better to do than visit YouTube by doing a search on the name in Google instead of typing the URL in the browser window entered the fray. Cue me searching for stuff for a talk


Wha…? An SEO using Google search instead of typing the proper URL in to the browser address bar? Fear not, dear readers, I was not just being lazy! I was just trying to find a universal search result for a talk Im giving to some journalists on writing for search and I couldnt find any video results. Honest! Even my beloved chocolate universal search result was sadly missing icon_sad-1817745

BUT WAIT! Patience is a virtue and so I sat and I waited and I sat and I got a coffee and I sat and I waited and I wrote a bit more and LO AND BEHOLD it was BACK!


*phew* That was close!

Just goes to show you when someone requests something, dont just rubber stamp it no matter who requested it!

I would have included the actual ‘chocolate’ USR but the second image was… well, the guys reading this blog would have appreciated it I’m sure icon_wink-1815081

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