When was the last time you cleaned your 'house'?

… uhmm I mean mind?

No, I haven’t hit my head on a sharp object and lost all speaking sense – on the contrary – I feel I have discovered something, so I thought I’d share icon_surprised-8667324 )

I am a chronic thinker by nature. I think while cooking (stop sniggering-I DO cook). I think while browsing the net. I think while in the shower, bath tub, while exercising, working…..aaaaggghhh! I even think while I’m thinking.

I know I’m not alone in this – most people do it. And what’s worse, most people don’t realise that they do! All the time. Some think this is the way it’s supposed to be, and if your mind is not busy conceptualising some new idea, or business model, you’ve become complacent.

Most of us, when we are lucky enough to experience a ‘blank’ moment, we panic. Poop! I must have gone stupid – I have no thoughts!!

But it is a well known fact that a cluttered or tired mind produces rotten fruit. OK, enough of the analogies – but in today’s over worked, fast-paced business environment its easy to become too thoughtful.

OK, I realise most of you have never thought of this, and I am using really big words all at once, but take a second and think about what I just said…


Is your mind in charge of you, or are in charge of your mind?

The other day I finished another book – the main concept of it is to practice mind control and to learn to have a few ‘mind-free’ moments a few times a day. Just like house keeping.

If you clean your mind from clutter and give it a break a few times a day, you will experience an even better, and by that I mean more productive, thinking time.

Pure creativity comes out of moments when your mind is not in charge – a ‘moment of clarity’ we usually call it!

You should test this:

Find a quite place – the toilet usually works wonders for that – LOL. Close your eyes, and try and think about ‘nothing’. If you focus on your breathing, and perhaps the temperature around you this should bring you to focus on your stillness.

Now stop thinking!!!

At first it’s very hard, as you’ll see – you even slip into thinking about not thinking… but after a few attempts you should be able to experience at least a few seconds of ‘mind-free’ time.

“What’s the point? I like my obsessive thinking – it keeps me company.” I hear you say.

It helps clear the slate of the mind. It gives you a few moments of peace, when you can almost take a step back and see different angles of your everyday life.

At the end of the day – I can’t force you to do it. And for some of you this will sound completely mad – and that’s ok. But for some of you this will make a lot of sense. You know who you are ;o)

And once you try it and see the extreme clarity and peace of mind it brings, you’ll want to do it 2, 3 times a day.

So try it – you have nothing to lose…

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