Who Loves Ya Baby?

More importantly, who loves affiliates? No one loves affiliates like we do – I’m telling ya! Not only do I get shipped around to talk to affiliates at conferences but we bring the loving home to Jolly Ol’ for ya!

Matt “B-Boy” Bailey and Judith “deCabbit” Lewis are activating their Wonder Twin powers into the shape on a series of affiliate surgeries. Housed at the i-level offices in W1 near Oxford Circus, these surgeries kick off with a kick ass SEO for affiliates session and the emergence of new technologies. It will be a solid 2 hours of pumping info so bring a notepad and a sharp number 2 because we are giving it up for you.

You want more? You know you do… FREE TICKETS for one thing! That’s right – 30 lucky people are going to get a ticket to this fab first event so toss your name in the hat by emailing matt.bailey@i-level.com and he’ll let you know by May 21st if you’re one of the lucky 30 who will be joining the two of us for two hours of information overload.

Need that in plain E? Read on…
The Affiliate Surgery will be hosted at i-level’s office close to Oxford Circus in Central London at 5-7pm on Tuesday May 26th.

Matt will be talking about the emergence of new technologies in the affiliate space and how these can be used to increase your site stickiness, click through rate and conversion, ultimately meaning more money for the affiliate. Matt is the current Chair of the IAB’s Affiliate Council and a popular speaker at events such as A4U Expo and AdTech. He is a passionate proponent of both performance marketing and Manchester City.

Also speaking will be Judith Lewis with her introduction (and so much more) to SEO for affiliates. Learn what you need to know about the fundamentals of how search engines work, how they rank pages, what every site can do and what you really need to know without fluff or filler. This course will be about the white hat, Google-allowed techniques for gaining a higher position in search. It will then go on to give specific examples for affiliates looking to earn even more by examining what is possible and what is practical in affiliate SEO. Delivered by popular speaker Judith Lewis, she shares her love of SEO and chocolate while teaching everyone what they can do themselves now to rank better and drive more traffic.

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